[G Pro Wireless] Dry review of gaming mouse


After more than 10 years, I came across the strongest gaming wireless mouse [Logitech G Pro Wireless] because of the device.

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In this article, I will write about “[G Pro Wireless] Gaming Mouse Dry Review”.

G Pro Wireless: Review of Gaming mouse

First of all, I would like to tell you my conclusion. Logitech G Pro Wireless is an honest purchase. Logitech G Pro Wireless has taught us the potential of wireless gaming mice.

I thought there was a delay anyway, but that was a mistake. Currently, Logitech G Pro Wireless is my perfect companion.

However, I dare to do a dry review with expectations for the next work. I would be happy if it could be useful to those who purchase from now on.

Disadvantages of Logitech G Pro Wireless

Too expensive for a mouse

It’s really expensive. It’s too expensive …

Rs. 19,575 for a mouse is a price that people around you can never tell. It’s not strange to think that you’re insane.

Even with a gaming mouse, you can choose a considerable mouse for half 9000 yen! It’s double! Double! !!

No.2 because it is too expensive

Ok ok. If the best mouse costs Rs 19,575, I’ll buy it without a shah.

It ’s good, good, good, good.

Dedicated mouse pad Oh? !!

Oh, are you also Rs 19,575? !! Uh, lie .

The total is Rs,20,000 . 20,000 Rupees!

If you are belongs from middle family then next lines dedicated to you only.

I will buy bike in installments spending by Rs.20,000 rather than this mouse :p

so , by all means for the next workQiQiI would like you to respond .

Certainly, I think the rechargeable mouse pad is excellent and convenient even during play. But G Pro has a mess of charging in the first place , right?

If you just put it before going to bed, I’ll do it! By all meansQiQiI would like you to consider how to deal with it.

On handQi put it on the charger * I can’t charge it

Of course, even if you don’t have a dedicated mouse pad, you can charge it with a cable.

Weight cannot be adjusted

G Pro is really light really.

Super lightweight

The latest design with a redesigned internal structure has achieved a surprisingly light weight of 80g . With an innovative rudder frame design, the 1mm ultra-thin outer shell provides the strength and stability you need in a tournament.

Advanced Li-Po batteries are ultra-long life, lightweight and require less frequent charging. If you charge it before the tournament, you won’t have to worry about batteries during the tournament.

Egg L size with shell is about 70g.

I think many people are dissatisfied because it is so light.

Some Logitech products can adjust the weight, but the Logitech G Pro Wireless cannot. There are parts needed to be able to adjust, and I may have given up on being able to adjust to make it lighter.

No rubber at all

This may have been to reduce the weight, but the rubber is not attached anywhere .

The mouse itself is not uneven, so some people may slip depending on how they hold it.

However, I personally think that rubber should not be attached. Because the last mouse was SteelSeries Rival 300, the rubber part was scraped and dirt was noticeable

I like the matte finish and simple construction of Logitech G Pro Wireless.

Benefits of Logitech G Pro Wireless

There were some disadvantages and follow-ups, but I would like to introduce the advantages as well.

I don’t feel any delay

To be honest, I was surprised. I thought there was an absolute delay.

I don’t know in the professional scene, but there are more advantages of wireless for everyday play.

Gaming wireless

It’s wireless, so it’s a long time ago, but it’s really good that there is no cable. I wonder if it’s so good.

Thanks to wireless, you don’t even need a mouse bungee, so if you’re just starting to buy a device or are considering a mouse bungee, you’ll be happier with the G Pro.

If you lift the mouse a little and move it, you don’t have to lift it along with the cable, so if you play FPS, AIM will be better. In fact, I was playing APEX Legends and the average value increased by about 300 damage from the first day I bought it.

When you lift the mouse a little, the cord doesn’t pull you

Left-right symmetric

Perhaps the person who can receive the most benefit is the person who operates the mouse with the left hand

I’m unfortunately not left-handed

It is possible to attach the side key to the right side, and there are surprisingly few symmetrical gaming mice.

In the early days when I started FPS, I used to use a symmetrical mouse called IMO (IntelliMouse Optical), which was a great advantage for me.

Summary | [G Pro Wireless] Dry Review of Gaming Mouse

What do you think.

This article wrote about “[G Pro Wireless] Gaming Mouse Dry Review”.

You won’t regret buying Logitech G Pro Wireless if:

  • You can give a mouse an amount of Rs.19,000
  • Those who do not have a mouse bungee
  • People who want to use gaming wireless
  • Left-handed person (likes symmetrical mouse)

Have a good Gaming life

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