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Many people want a gaming PC but don’t have enough space, or a laptop because they want to carry it around.

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However, if you choose one with low specs, you will not be able to run the game.

That’s why in this article, we will introduce how to select a laptop computer with excellent performance in playing games and recommended products.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Select Gaming Laptop

What is the point of choosing a laptop computer

Notebook PCs are roughly classified into four types.

Tablet PC (2in1)
Mobile laptop
Standard laptop
Gaming laptop

The major differences between gaming laptops and mobile laptops are the presence or absence of a graphics card , the weight, and the size of the display.

There is a big difference in whether or not a graphic card is installed, and since the graphic card is installed, the gaming laptop can play the game without stress.

Compared to mobile notebook PCs, it is heavier and cannot be easily taken out.

In the first place, even if it is easy to carry, if you can not play games (low performance), it is meaningless, so it is important to choose a gaming notebook PC with solid specifications.

There are five major points to choose from a number of gaming laptops to play games without stress.

Points to choose a gaming laptop

  • Graphics card
  • CPU
  • memory
  • Liquid crystal response speed 144Hz compatible
  • storage

Let’s take a closer look at these points.

Laptops with middle or higher graphics are recommended

The most important thing for a gaming laptop to play games is a graphics card .

There are low-priced models available, but since they are made up of parts that are priced, they may suddenly become jerky when the game is updated.
Considering that it will be used for a certain number of years, it is better to have a model with a middle class or higher graphics card.

Graphic card          Class
GTX 2080                High end
GTX 2070                High end
GTX 2060                Middle
GTX 1660                Middle

Go For CPU Core i7 or Higher laptop

The factor that determines the processing power of a personal computer is the CPU.

If you neglect the CPU, your graphics card will not be able to perform at its best!

The clock frequency (GHz) of the CPU is also important, but most recent games support multi-core, so i7, which has a large number of CPU cores, is recommended.
Even if you can’t afford it, you’ll regret not keeping the Core i5 at the lowest line .

Choose laptop with 16GB or more of memory

Memory is a part that allows you to move your computer smoothly when you work at the same time .

Recently, the OS (Windows 10) is also using the memory capacity, so at least 8GB of memory is essential for playing games.

If you plan to play a game that is a little heavy, you will have to lower the setting with 8GB, so we recommend a model with 16GB or more of memory.

Laptop Should Be SSD 250GB or More

Storage (SSD / HDD) is a part that affects the startup and read / write speed of a PC.

Those that use SSD rather than HDD operate faster

Is there any merit in HDD?

The merit of HDD is that it is cheap even with a large capacity.

Nowadays, the price of an SSD is getting cheaper, but if you want to save a lot of things and keep the price down, HDD is the best.

Difference between HDD and SSD

HDD – cheap
SSD is expensive, processing is fast, sound is quiet

Installing the game on your SSD will make the game launch faster! In that case, 500GB or more is recommended.

In some cases, it is cheaper and more convenient to prepare an external one than to increase the capacity by customizing.


To summarize the contents of the previous chapter, the points to choose a gaming notebook PC with BTO are as follows.

Points to choose a gaming laptop

  • Graphic card is middle class or above
  • CPU is Core i5 ~ i7 or higher
  • Memory capacity is 8GB ~ 16GB or more
  • Storage is SSD 250GB or more
  • The response speed of the liquid crystal corresponds to 144Hz

Based on these conditions, we recommend that you purchase the latest model at the time of consideration.

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