Desk Organizer – Convenient goods for storing small items around the PC


There is more than one person who wants to keep the desk area as clean as possible. I have strong feelings, but the desk area is more cluttered than people. USB memory, eye drops, ballpoint pen etc …

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Those who can understand the story to the center will be of the same generation.

I don’t care about that, but I didn’t have a place to put away the cabinets and drawers in the first place.

Here is what I bought to organize my desk…

In this article, I will write about Desk Organizer – Convenient goods for storing small items around the PC,

Mesh Desk Organizer

Before I bought it, I thought it was a little expensive, but I got it. When it arrives and you actually see it …

Uh … beautiful. It has a nice black color and a wonderful design for organization and compartments.

This Desk organizer is made of black metal wire mesh.

Furthermore, there are no joints other than the partitions. A dish that makes you feel the commitment of the developed staff.

Mesh Desk Organizer

It’s hard to understand because of my photography skills, but you can understand it by looking at the real thing.

Even if you think that it is just a pen stand, you will be attached to it with a sense of luxury.

Mesh Desk Organizer Features

Desk organizer made of black metal wire mesh. In this organizer, the divided compartments can useful for keep pens, pencils, markers, and more things to organize.
There are three additional compartments it has for storing paper clips and push pins and you will also get space for 3 x 3 sticky note pads.

The pen stand is generally tubular. If it’s a tubular object, you may not be able to find the desired pen, or it may be buried because the length is different.

It’s good to divide the room according to the type and color of the pen.

Disadvantages Of This Organizer

Not only the good points, but also the three disadvantages

  • Since pen stands are sold at 100%, the price still seems high.
  • If you have small children, you should refrain from purchasing because of the angular design.
  • The partition looks like it can be changed and cannot be changed.

Considering the usability and the beauty of the product, the disadvantages are acceptable. For those who are particular about writing utensils and interiors, be particular about pen stands.

I’m trying to make good use of the space provided.

Summary – What Think After Using It

I was a little skeptical whether to buy it or not.

Looks good. Sturdy. And for me, it is enough spacious. It has all the compartments to hold the basic stationery items for a desk.
And I am so glad that I bought it. My desk now looks happier and neat workable space.

Spacious enough to take all essentials yet compact enough to occupy minimal space on the table.
I have loaded it with almost identical stuff. It’s a pen stand, but it’s great to buy.

It is a smart, stylish and practical desktop storage unit and its useful.

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