Best Tips For Organizing Your Desk To Increase Productivity

Organized Desk
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If you want to improve your work efficiency, the first thing you should do is organize things and documents around your desk. But there are many people who don’t know what to do with it. So here is Best Tips For Organizing Your Desk To Increase Productivity.

Keep It Simple

When thinking about organizing your desk, it is important to make a reserved seat for things and make it a habit to “return things” when you are not using the desk . As a result, there are advantages such as on / off sharpness and the ability to start work immediately the next time you work.

Store document files in a visible place

The point is to store frequently used document files in a place where you can see them, not in the drawer. By doing so, you can create an environment where you can easily retrieve documents from files as needed and work easily.

Be aware of the vertical space rather than the face of the desk

If you think about storage by looking only at the top of the desk, you will feel that space is limited. However, I want to install documents that I use every day and daily necessities that I use frequently on a desk that I can easily take. In such a case, make good use of storage goods to increase the storage space vertically.

Hangers makes a great storage space

The side of the desk is also a great storage space. You can use small clippers or sticky hangers to utilize space. Hanging is a point that you can’t think of, but it often makes more effective use of space than putting, so please give it a try.

Assemble the storage based on what you can see at a glance

It is recommended to store the documents you want to check immediately in the space on your desk. However, it is necessary to devise a way to store it, and if you do not know what document (file) is at a glance, you will end up having to search for it. Improving search ability will lead to faster time.

I tried to make it clear at a glance what kind of documents are stored.

Make a fixed position for your notes and keep your desk clean

If sticky notes and memos are scattered on the desk or around the PC, it will not look beautiful. There is also the danger of losing important notes. Let’s make a firm position not only for office supplies but also for memos. That’s where steel bookends come in handy. Not only can it be used as a normal bookend, but it can also be attached to the side of a file box on a desk, and you can write down tasks that you should not forget and attach them with a magnet.

You can use it in various ways, such as installing it so that you can use it immediately. A magnet clip is convenient for pasting notes.

Storage items with a top plate are convenient for placing small items

Do not increase the number of storage items too much because there is not enough storage space. To help you work comfortably, choose a size that feels less oppressive, especially when you put it on your desk. If possible, use simple colors to create a unified look and give a refreshing impression.


What I value in my work is “do not put anything other than the work you are doing on your desk.” If the desk is full of various things, I think it’s easy to lead to business mistakes. Also, if the desk is clean and tidy, it’s easy to organize your mind! I feel like that.

For that purpose, decide the fixed position of the object considering the frequency of use! After the work is finished, I think it will be important how smoothly and quickly you can return the item to its original place. The shorter the time, the more one will want to put things back in place.

Why don’t you think slowly about creating the best desk structure for you? I think it will greatly contribute to the ease of work in the future.

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