[Review] AOC Curved Gaming Monitor 31.5 inch


I was looking for curved monitor for gaming and other uses. After going through different types of monitors I finally purchase this AOC Curved Gaming Monitor 31.5 inch. So let me tell me about this monitor, my experience, is it worth it or not, should you but etc.

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I used to use a 24-inch monitor, but when I first saw it, it was huge! I was surprised. When you actually play the game, there is nothing that is too big to fit in the field of view because of the curved surface. The distance from the sitting position to the monitor is divided into two vertical tissue boxes.

My friend always told me to buy a big monitor.

I’m currently using my old monitor as a sub-display, but on the contrary it’s too small and I have to keep an eye on it.

If you are worried about purchasing and can secure a place to install it, we recommend that you install it immediately.

I buy a monitor arm at the same time as this monitor.

About AOC Manufacturer

AOC is from a Taiwanese manufacturer.

After being established in the United States in 1934, it was established in Taiwan in 1967 as a manufacturer of color televisions for export. It is surprisingly a long-established manufacturer.

Since there are no failures or problems yet, it is unknown whether the after-sales service is good or bad.

Unique to curved monitor

Since it is a curved monitor, is it difficult to use in office work Excel? To be honest, I don’t have to do data input work, so I don’t know how much it will affect me. However, if I use it for a week, I can hardly feel the difference from a normal monitor.

It’s amazing to get used to it!

Curved monitor AOC features

  • Screen size: 31.5 inches
  • [Features] Gaming monitor equipped with refresh rate 144Hz, roble light, and flicker-free
  • [Resolution] 1920 x 1080 (VA panel, curved surface 1700R, refresh rate 144Hz, non-glare, full HD, response speed 1ms)
  • [Input terminal] D-Sub 15 pin x 1, HDMI 1.4 x 2, DisplayPort 1.2 x 1
  • [Attached cable] D-sub cable, HDMI cable, Displayport cable
  • [Body dimensions] Width 713.2 x Height 530.4 x Depth 244.9 mm (Back VESA 100 mm x 100 mm)


There is no speaker, so you need to prepare it separately. Please note that some people may not be able to install speakers due to the installation space. Sound quality is reasonable even if a speaker is installed. If so, does it feel like it was cut to reduce costs?


Narrow Bezel Narrow Black Border: 5.6mm non-display area and 1.5mm ultra-fine stylish bezel.

This is this! The maker logo that remains on most monitors, not just this one! Anyway, I want you to adopt a stylish bezel for the lower maker logo part.

Inexpensive but with gaming elements

It has flicker-free technology and two types of low blue mode that are easy on the eyes .

It’s a nice feature because there are many gamers who basically play for a long time. It’s a must-have feature anymore. It seems that people who are worried that their eyes will get tired easily on a large screen will not have to worry.

Of course, the familiar game mode is also installed. Presets are set up so that even those who want to play with the brightness and settings suitable for the game, such as “FPS”, “RTS”, and “Racing”, can instantly call them. In addition, it is possible to customize +3 types of items that you have set to your satisfaction.

My Experience with AOC Curved Monitor

  • Easy and clean setup.
  • Good Picture Quality. Blacks are especially good. ( Need to set that via OSD settings)
  • Curved Display for a monitor in this size and price range.
  • Anti Glare matte black screen.
  • Very Thin Bezels on three sides. The bottom is also fairly thin and very minimalist looking.

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