Best PC Peripherals and Gaming Devices


I love PC peripherals and gaming devices, and I have been pursuing my ideals and buying new ones. Among them, we have summarized the PC peripherals and gaming devices that we are currently using. I am updating it to the recommended one from time to time, so I hope it will be helpful when purchasing.

Headset – Logitech G733

It is a headset that I have been using for a long time.

The best feature is that the headphones vibrate according to the bass of the game or music. The artist’s LIVE video and the plosive sound during the game will be “Oh !!”, so it’s quite fun.

The headset also has a groove hidden in the ear pads that relieves pressure on the glasses .

I’m a spectacles kid and play games for more than 8 hours on holidays, but the contact between the glasses and the earpads doesn’t hurt at all. This was groundbreaking. Also, because it is wireless, the cord does not get caught in the chair and is easy to handle.

Features of Logitech G733

  • Vibrates to the bass of games and music
  • It doesn’t hurt even with glasses
  • wireless

Keyboard – Logitech G913

I love keyboards and have tried many, but this is the best typing experience. I want to type for a long time.

Logitech’s original GL switch has an extremely shallow actuation point (where the keys react) is 1.5 mm and a keystroke is 2.7 mm, enabling high-speed typing .

Also, I love wireless, so I replaced my headset, mouse, keyboard, and gamepad with wireless, but the biggest benefit of wireless is the keyboard .

Many gaming keyboards have very thick cords because they have to shine , but because there is no such cord, the work desk is refreshing, and when working or eating on the desk, you can move it a little. , It’s very easy to handle.

If you think your desk is small , try making your keyboard wireless first . The world will change.

Features of Logitech G913

  • 22MM ultra-thin
  • The feeling of pressing a key is the realm of God
  • wireless
  • Although it is a full-size keyboard, it is thin so it is easy to handle.

Mouse – Logitech G502WL

The features of Logitech G502WL are 11 buttons that can be customized for each task such as games, Word, Excel, etc., but this will switch automatically when the game or software starts.

This is insanely convenient. Once set, it will switch for each game and each work. In addition, with a high-speed scroll wheel, you can instantly scroll long sentences when surfing the Internet and work in Excel / Word. I can’t live without this mouse anymore.

Features of Logitech G502WL

  • 11 customizable buttons
  • Customization switches arbitrarily depending on the game
  • Equipped with a high-speed scroll wheel
  • wireless

Gamepad – EasySMX

Actually, Microsoft’s Xbox One genuine controller is the best, but it is expensive.

If you can use wired, you have a lot of options, but wireless is not so popular, so this is also recommended.

It doesn’t have the quality and stick/button accuracy of a genuine controller, so I think it’s tough for those who want a precise aim with FPS etc., but it’s cheap and sufficient for ordinary games.

Features of EasySMX

  • wireless
  • cheap
  • Moderate quality

Monitor – Acer KG271Abmidpx

Looking at the purchase history, the monitor has been used for more than 3 years. I like the quality very well.

For those who crunch FPS, I recommend 24 inches, which has less eye movement, but I also play PC work and other games, so I like 27 inches because it is powerful .

Personally, the points for choosing a monitor are the following three points .

Features of Acer KG271 Abmidpx

  • Supports response speed of 1ms / 144Hz
  • Thin bezel
  • There is a blue light reduction mode
  • The response speed and fresh rate are because I play games on my PC. Without this, PS4 is better.

If the bezel is thin, the power and immersive feeling of watching a game or movie will be completely different!

Blue light reduction is really important. My eyes will die.

The links below are the latest versions of the same series. It seems that the liquid crystal is even cleaner.

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