Real Money Games: How to Earn Money by Playing Online Games


How can I make money in the game online and offline? Question is most asked, here we know earn money by playing games 🎮 Online.

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Here we will discuss about online games for real money, earn money online games, multiplayer online games for money, but there are other ways to earn money and make a real amount of money.

This time, we will thoroughly explain how to earn money in by playing games, how to start each, and tips for success.

Let’s Learn how to make money in the game and have fun making money.

Please also refer to those who want to start as a side business.

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  • 8 ways to earn money in the game
  • How to get started and tips for earning
  • Advantages and disadvantages of earning in games

8 Ways to Earn Real Money Online

There are 8 main ways to earn money by playing games.

  1. Game commentator
  2. Professional gamer
  3. Game writer
  4. Game blogger
  5. Pocket money game app
  6. Blockchain game
  7. Game creator
  8. Game tutor

There are some words that I can’t hear.

Let’s check one by one. I will also explain how to become each and how to earn.

Game commentator

YouTuber’s popularity is now worldwide.

There are people who make money from videos of various genres, and the field of live games is one of them.

It’s great to earn money while enjoying the game.

Since YouTube earns advertising revenue, game commentators earn money by posting videos and broadcasting them live.

How much can you earn?

The market price for advertising revenue per number of views is around Rs.0.069 Indian Rupee.

In other words, if it is played 10,000 times, it will generate 1,000 yen, and if it is played 1 million times, it will generate 100,000 yen.

If you are a top-class popular game commentator, you can earn over 10 million yen a month.

Some people earn more than 100 million a year.

It’s a very dreamy way to earn money, isn’t it?

Of course, this is the story of the people at the top, and some people can’t make money by playing the game live.

It would be better if you could generate tens of thousands of yen in revenue.

In addition to advertising revenue, YouTube has a money-making system called “Super Chat.”

If you can get strong fans, you may make more money.

A 6-Step Game Commentator Guide (That ANYONE Can Follow)

There are several steps you need to take to become a game commentator and make money.

The flow is as follows.

  1. Register a Google account
  2. Create a channel on YouTube
  3. Join the YouTube Partner Program
  4. Register an AdSense account
  5. Apply for monetization
  6. Clear the conditions for monetization

Let’s look at each one.

1: Register a Google account

First, let’s register a Google account.

Please enter your first and last name, email address, password, phone number, etc.

If you already have an account, that’s OK.

After creating an account, click the login button at the top right of YouTube to log in.

2: Create a channel on YouTube

Once you’re logged in, create a YouTube channel.

Click the round icon for your account to display the menu.

Click “Create Channel” in the menu.

If you want to use the name of your Google account as it is, select “Use your own name”, and if you want to work with another name, select “Use a custom name”.

Follow the instructions to create a profile picture of the channel, a description of the channel, etc.

Now you have a foundation for posting videos.

From here, we will create a mechanism for earning money.

3: Join the YouTube Partner Program

Join the YouTube Partner Program, a service that monetizes videos.

Click “YOU TUBE STUDIO” at the top right of the page of the channel you just created.

Select the $ mark on the left sidebar of the screen and receive revenue.

Click “Notify me when participation conditions are met” and it’s OK.

If you already meet the terms, please agree to the terms of use.

4: Register an AdSense account

Create an account to receive money from Google.

Get a Google AdSene account.

You can enroll in the YouTube Partner Program and register when you activate the program.

Click the “Apply for AdSense” button and follow the instructions on the application page to register and you’re done.

5: Apply for monetization

After joining the “YouTube Partner Program”, please apply from the “YOUTUBE STUDIO” revenue receiving program.

Click “Set up monetization” and you’re good to go.

If you set monetization, the videos you post will be subject to review.

The screening will be done in 2 days at the earliest and 1 month at the latest, and the advertisement will be displayed.

6: Clear the conditions for monetization

Even if you do so far, you cannot monetize.

There are the following conditions for monetization.

  1. The total video playback time for the last 12 months has exceeded 4,000 hours
  2. The number of subscribers is 1,000 or more
  3. 18 years old and over
  4. Whether the content is good for advertising
  5. If the video is inappropriate, no ads will be placed and no revenue will be generated.

Copyright violations and sexual or violent videos are considered inappropriate videos.

Please note that if you violate it, the video may be deleted.

What equipment do you need?
The equipment required to play the game is as follows.

  • Game consoles, PCs, smartphones
  • Capture board
  • Microphone
  • Video editing software
  • In some cases, you may also need distribution software and a headset.

What is a capture board?
A capture board is a machine that outputs game video and audio to a PC.

With this, you can record and broadcast live.

If you want to play PC games, you don’t need to because you are doing it on your PC in the first place.

It is convenient to choose the one that includes the capture software.

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