Comparison Between Gaming Chair And Office Chair – Which Is Best For Efficient Work February 4, 2021 by Anil Patil

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2020 was year of coronavirus, so I had more time to spend at home, both at work and in private.

In particular, the introduction of work from home has progressed, so I think the time spent at home desks has increased dramatically. The most important thing in a desk environment is the “chair”, isn’t it?

Choosing a chair is very important because if you continue to use a chair that does not fit, it will put a strain on your lower back and shoulders and reduce work efficiency.

Office chairs are the most common work desk chairs, but recently gaming chairs are also popular.

Originally, the gaming chair has a high cushioning property and abundant functions such as reclining, so it is devised so that it will not get tired even if you sit for a long time .

Therefore, even if you are not a gamer, I think that it is quite a choice for those who work for a long time at the desk.

In fact, YouTuber, who spends most of the day editing videos at his desk, often sees people who love gaming chairs.

Many people may be wondering, “Which is better, a gaming chair or an ordinary office chair?”

I started living alone and used an office chair for 4 years → I used a gaming chair for 3 years and recently returned to the office chair. To give my frank conclusion using both,

This time, the manager who used up the gaming chair and the office chair will thoroughly compare each chair and tell you the advantages and disadvantages .

“I’m wondering which chair is better because I have a lot of telework these days.”

“What about gaming chairs?”

Thorough Comparison Of Gaming Chairs vs Office Chairs

Compact Feeling

This is by far the office chair.

I would rather recommend it to those who say “I’ll make one gaming room!”, But be careful if you put your desk in the living room.

Even with stylish indirect lighting and foliage plants, the atmosphere is gaming with just one gaming chair.

When you call a friend home, when you invite a girl home …

Once again, even with stylish wooden furniture and rugs, the atmosphere is gaming with just one gaming chair.

In that respect, the office chair is compact! It fits easily under the desk. It is easy to fit in the interior.

Posture Retention

This is also an office chair.

One thing to note about gaming chairs is that the cushions on the buttocks are thick and similar to a sofa, so the seating surface inevitably rises and the feet often do not touch the floor.

If your feet do not touch the floor, the blood vessels in your thighs will be compressed and you will be very tired. It’s tiring to sit in a chair with your legs floating.

What do you think humans would do then?

Sit down with crossed legs.

And because it’s cramped, I’ll recline it down → break → I can’t reach the keyboard and mouse, so I’ll recline back when I’m working.

This will be repeated. Work efficiency does not increase very much.

Also, since the seat of the gaming chair is wide and deep, in the forward leaning posture when working toward the desk, even if reclining is in the forefront, the waist to back part will not fit the body.

Since the backrest does not support the lower back, it puts a strain on the lower back and causes pain.

I keenly realized that the gaming chair is basically designed to lean backwards and lean against the seat to relax.

People who say “I only watch movies and play games!” Are good, but those who work on PCs even a little and PC game users who also use keyboards and mice for games recommend office chairs.

Chair Used By The Caretaker

Then you say what you are using, but as I said at the beginning, I have been using an office chair for 4 years since I started living alone → I have been using a gaming chair for 3 years, and recently I have returned to the office chair again. I did.

At first, I used a cheap office chair and now that I’m playing PC games, I want a gaming chair.

The seat can be lowered to 43 cm, which is quite low for a gaming chair, but still … you have to sit fairly shallow to reach your feet!

If you sit shallow, the backrest will not fit your back or hips, so if you try to maintain the correct posture, you will have to fight your abs and back muscles, which makes you tired.

After all, you will have a loose sitting style, which will hurt your lower back.

Considering the body, the office chair is recommended

What did you think?

Recently, more and more people are working on PCs with high-performance and affordable gaming chairs, so I think many people are interested in it. However, my conclusion after using both is that the office chair is recommended.

The gaming chair leans against the seat and is in a relaxed position, which is recommended for those who want to enjoy games and movies. However, when working with a keyboard and mouse or playing games, an office chair that supports your lower back even in a forward-leaning posture is less burdensome to your body.

Of course, this is my personal opinion, so when you buy a chair, be sure to sit down at the store and find a chair that suits you!

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