Should You Turn Off The Main Power Of Your Gaming PC February 6, 2021 by Anil Patil

Suddenly, have you turned off your gaming desktop PC? I’m a stingy saver, so I plugged my computer into a tap outlet and turned off the main power every time.

But you know…. I recently researched and found out Never turn off the main power of your desktop computer.

Desktop PCs always need power even when the power is turned off, and when the main power is turned off, it seems that the power of the emergency button battery mounted on the motherboard is consumed more and more.

Since the button battery is installed only for emergency use, it does not have a charging function, and it will soon run out of power, causing various problems for the personal computer. In the worst case, it may lead to motherboard failure.

Symptoms when the button battery is exhausted

Windows clock shifts

The Windows clock is slightly off. This is a typical symptom of running out of button batteries.

BIOS starts without permission

I noticed this, but when I turned on the computer, for some reason an error message was displayed and the motherboard BIOS (Bios) started.

This may be due to a motherboard failure, but it is one of the symptoms when the button battery is exhausted.

How To Replace The Button Battery

There is a coin cell battery on the motherboard. In my case, I felt that I couldn’t replace it without covering it with the graphic board and removing the grabber.

You can easily remove it by pulling the notch or floating it with a flat-blade screwdriver.

All you have to do is turn the + side of the new coin cell battery upside down.

Be Careful When The BIOS Boots Up Without Permission

What did you think?

Gaming desktop PCs seem to have a large amount of standby power, so it seems that savers often turn off the main power, right?

The mechanism is the same not only for gaming desktops but also for ordinary desktop PCs, so basically the main power is not turned off, but it seems to be the correct answer .

Please be careful of everyone!

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