How To Choose Best Chair February 7, 2021 by Anil Patil

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When I sit in front of my computer, my butt hurts in less than 30 minutes … I’m an old servant. I couldn’t sit for 10 minutes, and even if I put the cushion on it, it hurts and hurts … So I bought a high-class PC chair and was very satisfied.

The PC chair is what I put particular emphasis on around the PC (desk environment). For PC gamers who only work on PCs and play online games, I think the PC chair is a companion to the PC itself.

One-third of your life is sleep, so you should buy good pillows and beds. It’s the same with chairs. Rather, it is more important than pillows and beds.

In this article, I will introduce how to choose a PC chair and points that are often forgotten.

Don’t buy it on Amazon suddenly

The most common pattern is to search for “PC chair recommended” or “desk chair Amazon” and purchase the one with the highest ranking.

You should really stop this. PC chairs are the same as shoes and clothes, which are pillows and beds, but they have completely different tastes for fit, size, and feel.

Good points to look at when trying out

  • Comfortable to sit and touch (natural)
  • Try to fit your hips tightly or relax a little
  • Tilt angle “reclining and locking”
  • Whether or not cross-legged (relatively important)

Comfortable to sit and touch

The big difference in how you feel when you sit down is whether you feel a little stiff or soft and fluffy. This is a major premise for choosing a PC chair.

Mesh type

The mesh type is often used in high-end chairs, and the seating surface is meshed so that the butt floats like a hammock.

You can see the legs of the chair slightly from the seat.

Unlike ordinary chairs, you can’t put a butt on the board, so back pain and buttock pain are drastically reduced. There is also the fact that the PC chair I was originally sitting on was too terrible …

The cause of back pain may be due to the way you sit, but in my case, the effect of the mesh on the seat surface was too great.

You may fall asleep because it is too comfortable to sit on.

However, it is a disadvantage that dust gets entangled in the mesh.

I can’t remove it even if I smoke it with a vacuum cleaner, so I’ll do my best to remove it.

Sofa type

It’s like a so-called “President’s chair” . When it comes to PC chairs, I long for this at first.

It’s cheap and looks gorgeous, so it’s relatively popular, but if it’s cheap, the cushion inside will collapse quickly, causing back pain and pain in the buttocks. It was the worst PC chair I used in history.

It’s nice to have a fluffy and wrapping feeling at first. I’d be happy if this continues for a long time, but I can’t say that it’s recommended because it will soon be exhausted.

High resilience type (gaming chair)

It is a high-resilience type that is often found in gaming chairs. It has become explosively popular since the gaming chair came out, and now everyone is using it.

The goodness of high resilience is that it can cover the disadvantage of the soft type, “the seat surface is easily crushed” . It doesn’t feel like it’s wrapped up, but it’s popular because it sits firmly and doesn’t hurt your butt.

The mesh type was also popular, but because it is expensive, the high-resilience type gaming chair located just in the middle is popular.

Rocking and reclining

One thing that is often overlooked is the comfort of sitting in a relaxed state.

When I try to sit down, I just stretch my back and sit down, but when I relax at home, I’m surprised.

It is also important to see if it is comfortable to maintain that state and if it feels strange to sit in a slightly collapsed state.

There are also reclining and locking types for tilting the back of the chair. Let’s also see what type of tilt the chair you are buying will have.


There are two types of reclining, one is a type that changes the inclination smoothly like a car seat, and the other is a type that gradually changes the inclination with a “click” of a sitting chair.

Personally, I prefer reclining, but there are more types of rocking chairs that I will introduce next.


Rocking is when the backrest sways at any angle.

If you unlock it and lean on it, the backrest will fall down.

Some have a dial that changes the strength of locking, and you can also set it so that it can be knocked down only when leaning strongly.

Is it cross-legged on a PC chair?

People don’t seem to be able to sit in the same position all the time, and over time they gradually become lazy or lie down.

It is said that if you stay in the same position for a long time, it is not good for your lower back and you are likely to get sick, so I think it is better to have a little extra space instead of a chair that forces you to stay in the same position.

Mesh type, Cloth type or Leather type

Another thing I would like you to emphasize is the material used for the chair. The durability of the chair is completely different depending on the material, which affects ease of use and sitting comfort.

Mesh type
As I mentioned earlier, this is the most recommended type I use. Both comfort and durability are GOOD, but good ones are expensive.

Chairs with a floating seat surface are basically expensive. It’s cheap to have a mesh only on the back, but since the seating surface is a cushion, it will become messy over time.

Cloth type
This type has a cloth surface. It is a common type with a rough surface. (Car seats, etc.)

It is easy to make pills.

Synthetic leather type
This is the type that I personally think is the worst. It seems to be luxurious, but it deteriorates quickly.

At first, the part of the back of the knee that is in direct contact with the skin becomes tattered and only the surface peels off, and then gradually spreads from there.

The tattered synthetic leather sticks to your pants and falls on the floor, so various parts get dirty. It also looks bad.

It may also be used in gaming chairs, but synthetic leather is not recommended. It is better to use the type that is made of fabric.

Genuine Leather
This is also expensive like mesh. Since it is genuine leather, it is durable and does not become tattered like synthetic leather.

Really good things last

The PC chair is a companion for those who use a PC. If you stingy here, you will suffer from various symptoms such as back pain, and you will not be able to live a comfortable PC life, so you should spend some budget.

And the really good ones are durable and can be used for years. As a result, it is high-cost performance. I really don’t recommend putting up with the cheap price and continuing to use it.

Anyway, sit down, touch, sit down.

PC chairs cannot be visually judged like the specifications of PCs.

Therefore, if you search for “PC chair recommended” or “desk chair” and buy the one that comes out, you are very likely to regret it.

In this article, I recommend the mesh type, but this is just my impression that it fits my body.

Maybe it doesn’t suit you reading this article, and the synthetic leather type I keep refusing may seem to be the best.

I highly recommend you to try it out, as you won’t know until you actually sit down.

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