How to Improve Mouse Slippage For Better Gaming Performance

improve mouse slippage

If your mouse sensitivity is not stable with FPS, you may want to check the mouse slip. Cloth mouse pads are especially sensitive to the weather, and on rainy days the humidity makes them less slippery.

In this article, The mouse fingertip grip mouse gets stuck and doesn’t slip at all and palm grip mouse, I have summarized shroud mouse grip to improve the sliding of the mouse. Let’s find out homemade mouse grip tape and  If you feel mouse slippery.

Cleaning The Back Of The Mouse

The mouse sole is adjusted to make the mouse slippery and to stop where you want it to stop, but dust and dirt can create extra friction and make it less slippery.

Removing the dust around the mouse sole may improve slipperiness and operability. However, if you are using a “mouse pad whose sole is easy to scrape” such as a plastic mouse pad, dust may make it slippery.

Please note that if the mouse sole severely deteriorates, it may become difficult to slip due to the removal of dust.

I use a toothpick when cleaning. It’s like scraping off the dust around the sole.

Other hair and pet hair may be stuck to the back of the sole. This has a lot to do with slipperiness, so get rid of it.

Cleaning And Washing The Mouse Pad Is Also Effective

Clean the surface of the mouse pad as well as the back of the mouse as much as possible to keep it clean. It absorbs dirt and sweat, and the mouse pad will surely get dirty.

It is even easier to get dirty when eating and drinking in front of a PC, and when working on something other than a PC, the eraser residue of the eraser may adhere.

It’s also a good idea to wash the mouse pad if it’s clearly dirty to the eye, as small drops and debris build-up and gradually become less slippery.

The method of washing varies greatly depending on the manufacturer and material of the mouse pad, but the iron plate is washed by rubbing it with lukewarm water to remove hand stains.

However, the texture of a cloth mouse pad changes significantly when washed. It may be improved to the same level as new, but it is not always improved because it is often more slippery.

I have actually washed it several times, but it was about 30% for improvement and 70% for deterioration, and in many cases, it was better not to wash it. On the other hand, plastic mousepads often improve after washing, so I washed them frequently.

Many people think that plastic mousepads are hard to get dirty but scraped mouse soles and hand stains are buried on the surface of the mouse pad and require regular maintenance like cloth.

When the dirt was removed cleanly, the surface became rough and slippery until just after purchase.

If You Replace The Mouse Sole, It Will Slip Like A New One

When I was soaked in FPS, I changed the mouse sole about once every two weeks. If you replace the mouse sole with a new one, the slipperiness will be the same as the new one.

However, as a recent trend, the shape of the mouse sole is often special, and it is no longer possible to substitute a third-party mouse sole.

It would be nice if a genuine mouse sole could be obtained at a low price, but the number of manufacturers that do not sell replacement mouse soles is increasing, and it is no longer possible to easily replace them.

Replace Mouse Pad

Cloth mousepads are prone to deterioration and will need to be replaced after a period of time. If you use it only for general purposes, you can use it for over a year, but for game purposes, slipping is really important, so if you think it’s useless, you can buy a new one.

A plastic mouse pad lasts a long time and has excellent durability, but as mentioned above, the mouse sole wears out so much that it has advantages and disadvantages.


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