Keyboard Cleaning – How To Remove And Wash The Key February 8, 2021 by Anil Patil

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By eating and drinking around the computer and talking by voice chat, saliva and food waste will accumulate between the keys.

No matter how clean it is, hair and dust will accumulate and hand stains will adhere.

I use an air duster to clean my keyboard about three days a week, but it’s still pretty dirty.

This time, I will explain how to clean such a keyboard.

Keyboard Cleaning Procedure

  • Take a picture of the keyboard
  • Remove the key top
  • Washing
  • Dry
  • Fit the key top

There seem to be a few steps, but it’s simple to do. Excluding the time to dry, it will be finished in 30 minutes.

Take a picture of the keyboard

First of all, let’s take a picture of the entire keyboard with a smartphone etc. to remember the keyboard arrangement.

By the way, the keyboard I’m using was so dirty. Since the side of the key cannot be wiped, it is especially easy to get dirty, and it will not be clean unless it is cleaned in earnest like this time.

Use a key top extraction tool

There is a special tool for removing key tops (keyboard keys). I have been using the type below for many years.

Each has its weaknesses and strengths.

The upper type can be pulled out quickly, but the large keys (space key and enter key) are difficult to pull out.

The lower type has no speed because the wire must be submerged under the key, but the key is not damaged and large keys can be pulled out stably. You can remove it with a flat-blade screwdriver, hair remover, or tweezers without purchasing it, but be careful as it may damage the keys or damage the equipment.

Even if you clean it frequently, this amount of dirt has accumulated. For those who have never cleaned it since it was purchased, it should be several to tens of times more dirty.

Clean the key top

If you can remove all the keys, clean them. If you have an ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning your glasses and watches, it’s easy to use. If you don’t have a washing machine, put water and detergent in a bucket or basin and wash it.

At this time, it is recommended to put it in the laundry net to prevent the key top from being lost.

After washing for about 2 minutes, the water became cloudy. You can get this much without detergent.

If you use detergent, wash it thoroughly with water to remove the detergent.

Dry the key top

Drying the key tops is the biggest challenge in cleaning the keyboard.

Water remains on the back of the key top, so even if you leave it as it is, it will not dry easily. I often clean on days when I have time, so I hang it on the balcony with the laundry net.

If the sun is strong, it will dry in a few hours if you dry it in the sun during the day, but if it is not, you need to leave it for about a day.

If you want to clean your keyboard and use it immediately, use a cotton swab or an air duster to remove the water.

Gently wipe off the water one by one with a cotton swab. Wipe the inside of the hole in the center well.

“It takes a lot of time and it’s annoying … I want to finish it more quickly! If you use an air duster, you can save even more time.

You can easily blow off the water with the strong wind of the air duster.

However, the water splashes in all directions with great force, so when doing it indoors, choose a place where you can apply it a little. Also, your face will be soaked.

You can dry it with a hairdryer, but if it is too hot, the keytops may be deformed, so let’s dry it slowly with cold air or keep a distance.

Wipe the keyboard body

Next, wipe the keyboard body.

We recommend wiping with a wet wipe and a cotton swab. The dirt is unexpectedly sticky, so wipe it with a lot of force.

Put on the key top

It’s finally over. It is a work to snap the removed key top.

Normally, I attach a key top that has been washed, but this time I wanted to change the color of the key top, so I will use a new key top.

Need To Clean The Keyboard?

If dust collects inside the keyboard, it will be difficult to type, so regular cleaning is required. It also looks bad and is not hygienic.

It doesn’t require a large-scale cleaning like this time, but it feels refreshing and comfortable to do, so I’m a regular cleaning group.

For those who have trouble cleaning, you can just use a keyboard cleaning item or use an air duster to remove hair and dust.

It seems that too much dust can lead to keyboard failure, but I’m skeptical because I’ve never broken the keyboard due to dust and I’ve never witnessed such a scene.

I think it is better to clean it from the viewpoint of hygiene and ease of use.

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