Asus ZenBook 14 – Is This Laptop Good To Buy? February 10, 2021 by Anil Patil

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I travel about once a month and often go on small overnight poor trips. At that time, I often wanted to bring my laptop with me, so I took the plunge and bought a mobile laptop this time.

There are many mobile laptops, so I bought the “ZenBook 14” without worrying about it.

This is the version of the ASUS ZenBook series that was released in September 2020.

Mobile laptops have a lot of checkpoints, don’t they?

  • Is it thin and light?
  • Is the body strong?
  • Is the spec high?
  • Is the keyboard easy to hit?
  • Is the expansion terminal easy to use?
  • Is the screen clean?
  • Do you have a battery?
  • Is the speaker good?
  • Is there office software

And so on
In a word, “ZenBook 14” is a mobile notebook PC with outstanding cost performance, all of which are organized to a high standard.

It is a highly recommended computer, so I hope it will be helpful for those who are wondering which mobile laptop to use.

Usage/Conditions Of Mobile Notebook PC

For the time being, I will explain how to use my mobile notebook PC.

My work is creating materials in Word / Excel, surfing the Internet, watching YouTube / Netflix, and playing light games. I might edit the video in the future …

I like games, so I considered one with a graphics board, but it would be heavier and thicker , and I finally came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t play 3D games on the go.

After narrowing down under various conditions, I finally decided to purchase the ZenBook 14 because it was the best.

Features of ZenBook 14

Here are the main features of the ZenBook 14. It is a model that has all the functions you want in a mobile notebook PC.

Features of ZenBook 14

  • 14 inches
  • A thin weighing model with a mass of approximately 1.25 kg and a thickness of 14.3 mm
  • Equipped with the latest 3rd generation Ryzen ™ 7 4700U
  • Narrow bezel with 90% screen occupancy
  • Battery-powered about 21 hours
  • USB-C PD compatible
  • Wi-Fi 6 compatible
  • The higher model comes with an office

The Good Thing About ZenBook 14

Thin And Light

The ZenBook 14 is a fairly thin weighing model with a mass of approximately 1.25 kg and a thickness of 14.3 mm.

Bezel less And Large Screen

An ultra-narrow bezel with an upper part of 8.9 mm, a lower part of 11.1 mm, and left and right 2.5 mm. The screen occupancy is 90% ! !!

It’s almost a screen, so it’s 14 inches, but the appearance is very compact, and even if you’re watching a movie or YouTube, you’ll feel immersive.

Easy To Type On The Keyboard

No matter how thin, light, compact and easy to carry, if the essential keyboard is difficult to hit, you will feel stress and work efficiency will not increase. Occasionally there are notebook PCs that are too small and the key size is extremely small, but typing is difficult.

The ZenBook 14 keyboard has a key pitch (key size) of 19.05 mm, which is about the same as a general full-size keyboard and is very easy to type.

In addition, the key is placed on the right side of the enter key, but since the enter key is large, you will not make a mistake. The backspace key is a little lost. You can type very comfortably.

Prevents Overcharging

What’s amazing is that the ZenBook 14 is compatible with “Battery Health Charging”. With ASUS Battery Health Charging, you can set the rate of battery charge to protect the battery and reduce the deterioration of battery life.

When using it at home, I think that it will be left connected to the outlet, but if it is left fully charged, the battery will be consumed more and more and it will be exhausted .

Ideally, you should unplug it before it reaches 100%, but it’s quite a hassle. I think it’s common to inadvertently leave it charged.

“Battery Health Charging” can freely set the charging rate to 100%, 80%, 60%, so “I’m going on a business trip tomorrow, so let’s set it to 100%.” ​​”I’ll use it at home for the time being, so let’s set it to 80%.” You can switch freely.

Speaker Is Good

Many mobile notebook speakers are pretty terrible, but the ZenBook 14 sounds pretty good.

Even if you listen to YouTube, movies and music, you can immerse yourself in the world normally. I don’t think it’s inferior to a normal laptop.

Adoption Of Ergo Lift Hinge

It uses the ergolift hinges that are popular these days, and when you open the screen, the keyboard naturally angles.

In addition, the heat exhaust performance is improved by creating space.

You Can Open Your Computer With One Hand

For mobile laptops, which are sold for their lightweight, it is common to open the screen while pressing the bottom of the main unit. If you try to open it with one hand, the lower part of the main body will float.

However, the ZenBook 14 can be opened with one hand.

The Poor Part Of ZenBook 14

There Is No Earphone Jack

One HDMI, two USB type C on the left side of the main unit, one USB type A on the right side of the main unit, microSD terminal.

There is no earphone jack.

I think that there are quite a few people who are in trouble while working from home and having many remote meetings. Well I use a completely wireless earphone so I didn’t really care.

It comes with a conversion cable that turns USB type C into an earphone jack, but it’s a little delicate as you have more belongings.

No Fingerprint Authentication

Face recognition is very fast and excellent, but there is no fingerprint recognition.

I often wear a mask when I’m on the go, so it would have been perfect if I had fingerprint authentication as well.

Everything Was Organized To A High Standard

Mobile notebook PCs have many requirements.

The ZenBook 14 is a model that has all the features you want in a mobile notebook PC at a high standard.

In addition, the cost performance is superior to that of PCs with the same specifications, so if you are uncertain about your mobile notebook PC, this is a model that you should definitely consider as a candidate.

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