DJI Osmo Pocket – Things To Know Before Buy


Equipped with a 3-axis gimbal, this small size. What is this? I bought it because I thought I didn’t need GoPro. However, when I try to use it I realized that it was different from my imagination. It’s true that the Osmo Pocket ‘s ultra-compact gimbal is amazing, After all, it ‘s not a problem of camera shake.

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Benefits of DJI OSMO Pocket

Hyper Smooth

Go Pro7 has a gimbal-free HyperSmooth feature, This does not go beyond electronic image stabilization. It uses advanced scene analysis and roller shutter correction algorithms to look ahead frame by frame and correct video blur incredibly smoothly.

Considering GoPro’s camera shake correction mechanism, It’s no match for the OSMO Pocket gimbal.

GoPro7 is said to require no gimbal, After all, with or without the official GoPro gimbal “Karma Grip” The resulting video is also different. Especially in the dark, it’s completely different.

There is a comparison video on Youtube, but I fix it so that it doesn’t shake, so I shoot For some reason, when I shoot a video with my hand, The gimbal’s OSMO Pocket is more stable and beautiful. Especially at night, the OSMO Pocket won the victory. There’s no mistake.

Especially GoPro is weak at low lighting, It also gives off a feeling of blur (motion blur) peculiar to GoPro. The hyper-smooth function is a dead end. It is said that the update has made nighttime shooting more beautiful,

It’s just a weakening of camera shake correction, and it’s not practical.

In addition, the hyper smooth function There are restrictions due to the angle of view, resolution, and frame rate . Also note that the angle of view will be narrowed by about 10% .

If you want to sacrifice the angle of view, you can also use a video editing app later. With the stabilization function even after shooting It’s an era when camera shake correction can also be corrected.

The Gimbal Can Be Taken Horizontally.

I’m only interested in camera shake correction, The great thing about gimbals is that you can always shoot horizontally.

For example, leave it on your bag or body If you shoot by fixing it to a moving object The OSMO Pocket is by far the best finish. The leveling is excellent and stable.

The problem with GoPro is If the part to be fixed shifts even a little diagonally, After that, it becomes a diagonal movie. If you want to fix it on your body or bag A gimbal that can maintain level is good.

This is also the reason why I use OSMO Pocket.

I often shoot with the GoPro 7 fixed to the back, Is it fixed horizontally? There is no need to check while shooting. If you fix it, for the time being, The camera keeps it horizontal. You look amazing. It goes well with Peak Design’s Capture Pro.

You can also put it on the ground or tie it to a pole. Even when shooting with a tripod fixed You don’t have to spend time searching horizontally. You don’t need a spirit level, just put it on and have it with you. It’s very important that it doesn’t take long to start shooting.

The Camera Part Is Very Small.

The OSMO Pocket is the part that most of the body holds by hand. The camera part is so small There is no feeling of oppression on the side being photographed. If you bring it, it’s so small that you can’t tell it’s being shot.

Hidden shooting Its kind of unpleasant, but I don’t feel like I’m shooting more than GoPro, so You can shoot more naturally with respect to the subject.

Even when fixing it to your body or bag for POV shooting Compared to GoPro, it is harder for others to notice, so You can also take pictures of a more natural cityscape that does not attract your eyes at all.

Well, GoPro has a higher degree of recognition, so Just have it I think there is something that makes you feel like YouTuber.

There Is A Selfie Mode.

The OSMO Pocket camera is There is a selfie mode where the camera rotates 180 degrees.

The camera faces the LCD side, and face tracking is performed automatically. If you use a lot of smartphone cameras, Are you impressed with this function? The out-camera can be used as an in-camera as it is.

However, the angle of view is still narrow, so … If you use it, it’s a case of taking a selfie instead of holding it. If you want to take a picture of yourself at a distance It’s the best camera ever.

Disadvantages of DJI OSMO Pocket

Pan Focus And Landscape Are Inferior To GoPro.

When shooting a nearby subject with the OSMO Pocket It certainly looks clear and beautiful, but When shooting landscape paintings or the whole thing I found OSMO Pocket difficult in many ways.

The bokeh of bright lens F2.0. If it is in focus, it will look clear, but If you don’t focus, it will be out of focus.

Even when you want to shoot with pan focus I’m blindly searching for the subject, It doesn’t mean that when the subject disappears, it will be pan-focused. You may focus on an unintended location In many cases, the part I want to shoot is out of focus.

Even if you compare the shooting of only the scenery There is a feeling that it is totally dull compared to GoPro. A feeling of resolution of GoPro that you notice by comparison. With GoPro7, the colors are even more vivid.

GoPro is basically pan-focus shooting, so there is no blur, good or bad .

When I was shooting the subject, the background was not blurred Even if you shoot properly, you can shoot beautifully from end to end.

Well, you don’t have to think too much.

There Is No HDMI Output.

You can really feel the beauty of 4K video only by projecting it on a large screen. The Osmo Pocket doesn’t have an HDMI output, so I can’t connect to a big-screen TV.

The fact that you can’t play a video with just one cable is a painful point. It feels like it will take more time to share it with everyone. The LCD screen that comes with the main unit is also small, so As a result, after importing to a computer You notice that it is out of focus.

The Angle Of View Is Narrow

The big difference from GoPro is The OSMO Pocket has a narrow-angle of view. Not only is the part you want to shoot blurred In many cases, I can’t shoot what I want to shoot in the first place.

The OSMO Pocket also has a selfie mode that points the camera inward, To be honest, with OSMO Pocket When I reach out, I can only see my face. If the orientation is slightly off, the face will be cut off, Face tracking is also confusing.

If you’re shooting someone else, don’t you mind? I also thought … Not only for taking selfies, but also for taking pictures of nearby people. It’s no different from a camera lens.

With GoPro you can shoot the person next to you, With the Osmo Pocket, you have to go one step further. You have to leave it unnaturally to shoot. After all wide-angle is justice, especially in the video.

What Is Conclusion?

The Osmo Pocket is this small and has a gimbal. The design is good and I think it’s a great camera. However, it is still a new terminal, The parts that are difficult to use stand out. Will various dissatisfactions be resolved with future updates? I think … After all it is the angle of view, and it is difficult to use for travel photography .

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