How to Delete Skype Account Permanently From Computer

Delete your miscrosoft account

Deleting your skype accounts from your computer

If you are using Windows 10 then I am damn sure that you are using a Skype app. Which may be pre-installed in Windows. Let’s see how to delete Skype account permanently from your Windows computer.

  • Open your Windows Skype app


How to delete skype account from computer
  • Click on three dots tab to settings
delete skype account from computer
  • Under the Account & profile section, you will see close your account
Delete your Skype account from desktop

Sign in for details again to close your account directly from your Windows app if you still having problem or if you still having problem with the Skype account do not forget to comment with your sweet name.

if you want to Delete Skype Account Permanently, follow the steps shown below

Close your Microsoft account from desktop

If you are serious about closing your Skype account then you have to close your Microsoft account along with your Skype account and its credit if you have a credit available on your Skype account then you have to use it before closing this account because after closing the Microsoft account you won’t able to use these credits.

Delete Microsoft Account with simple steps


  • Skype Settings,
  • Accounts,
  • Email & accounts.
  • Under Accounts used by email, calendar, and contacts,
  • Select the account you want to remove,
  • Select Manage. Select Delete account from this device,
  • Select Delete to confirm.
  • Microsoft your account is closed

Follow simple steps for closing your Microsoft account by clicking this link. This is a closing link for Microsoft account you have to log in with your details and verify it.

  • Verify your identity
Remove Microsoft account

After getting verified you will able to see see the next screen along with your closing account confirmation window. Read carefully before processing the next step.

  • Make sure (Yourmail)​ is ready to close
Skype account settings

Well, here is not over, you can comment if you still any problems with deleting your skype or microsoft account.

And hope that you will understand simple steps that how you can delete skype account from you computer easily.

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