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Well, So You Do you think? Which is the perfect fitness tracker for you? Let’s See What is in the box, OnePlus Band x1, OnePlus Band Strap (Black) x1, Wired Charging Dongle x1, User Guide x1, Red Cable Club Welcome Card x1, Safety and Warranty Card x1.

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If you are thinking of buying a smart band for fitness trekking then the OnePlus fitness band may be the best choice for you. This smart band comes with 1.1 Inch AMOLED Display One Plus is known for providing better quality smart bands. It is known that you get to see many types of features in its smart band. If you want to buy this fitness band, then you first read this information about it properly.

OnePlus fitness band has a variety of attractive features that make it smart and attractive. This smart band has many features with beauty which mainly include Sleep Monitoring of Blood Oxygen Saturation, besides this band is Water & Dust Resistant. Under this, you get excellent color combination with AMOLED Display.

OnePlus Band: 1.1 Inch AMOLED Display, Dual-Color Band Design, Sleep Monitoring of Blood Oxygen Saturation

In today’s time, everyone is very vigilant about his fitness and does a lot of workouts and exercises to keep his health healthy and body fit, but if you are often busy with your work and focus on your health and if you are not aware to your body, then this OnePlus fitness band can help you.

With the help of this band, you can monitor the health related activity within your body, apart from this, this smart band supports you in many other activities in addition to looking beautiful on your hands, many bands of One Plus are available online on the Internet. Which you can purchase and these bands give you better service at affordable prices.

OnePlus fitness band features

• Under this, dynamic dual-color strap is available which makes the look of this band even more attractive which you can change.

• 2.79 cm (1.1 “) AMOLED display is available in this band, under which you can change the face of the display you can also use the gallery to change the face.

• In addition to continuous sleep monitoring of blood oxygen saturation (Sp02), this device has many options to monitor fitness.

• Sleep tracking and real-time heart rate monitoring system with Vibration Notification to help you find health related problems.

• With the help of this device, you can monitor 13 different fitness tasks like cricket, yoga, swimming, cycling.

• It is 5ATM and IP68 certified, plus it is band water and dust registers.

Under this, you can easily monitor health by installing an app related to your fitness.

• You can connect your mobile directly with this band and operate mobile from this band

With this, you can easily access music, camera, mobile notifications etc.

• This smart band supports Android 6.0 and Bluetooth of smart phones.

OnePlus band Price in India

You can buy this smart band on online e-commerce website in India and for this you can purchase this amazing product from amazon, this product is worth around 2500 INR and in this price this device gives you a variety of features. It also enhances the beauty of your wrists.

Is OnePlus band worth buying?

This device provides you with many health and fitness related features with a vibrant screen at a affordable price and in India in this price range it can be a good option if you are looking for fitness related activities like swimming, running, yoga etc. If you want to monitor then you can buy this device.

Smart band is very much used as a fitness. With the help of this band, you can track the activity happening in your body and can easily operate many other smart works like mobile etc. from this device.

Is OnePlus band waterproof?

This smart band of OnePlus gives you a variety of features with beautiful appearance, it is mainly water resistant and dust resistant, so you can say that it is a water proof device and it is mainly used for performing fitness work. It is made so it is necessary to be water proof.

Does the OnePlus band have GPS?

Often we need a GPS device to measure speed while cycling and in this case you get the option of GPS in this smart band and you can use GPS in this band of One Plus.

Using a GPS device, we can measure our speed and when we are running or cycling normally, this device helps us a lot to find out the speed as this feature is available in this smart band so we have different GPS is not required.

Which fitness band is best?

Today, there are many types of smart fitness bands available in the online offline market, but all of them are better in smart bands. You can find smart bands of many companies in different price ranges like oppo, samsung, MI etc. and you can buy any The band can purchase according to their needs and budget.

Here we told you about one plus take of this amazing band, the amazing features in which make this band a smart band and it is available in India in a good and affordable price range that you can buy with ease. The amazing features of this band and the reliable service of One Plus attract many users and this site has received better reviews on sites like amazon.


Fitness is very important for a person and it is necessary to exercise daily to stay fit. Many people do yoga or gym daily to keep their body fit and many people keep their body fit by doing many different exercises like this. But while doing activity in the body, many physical activity changes which smart band is helpful for monitoring.

OnePlus fitness band is an amazing device that makes many of your tasks easier and can monitor many physical activities related to fitness with the help of this device if you work hard for hours to keep your body fit. You should use such a smart band device to manage and control physical activity. If you want to buy this device then you can order it online.

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