Wifi Adapter for PC to Connect Multiple Devices – Download Laptop Adapter Drivers


There are hundreds of types of Wireless USB Adapters available online for your PC starting price from Rs.195 to Rs.20,000 Which support Windows 7, Windows 10

How to use Wifi USB Adapter for Laptop

Well, this is not a big deal to install or download a USB Wi-Fi adapter to your PC either you just have to purchase and input to your PC or desktops USB port which is easy right! Well after purchasing the Wi-Fi adapter not working properly else facing driver problems then we are going to cover all types of issues and worries about wifi related software.

  • Plug your Wifi adapter on your desktop or laptop.
  • Check the signal icon in the right corner of your taskbar.
  • On the other hand turn on the Hotspot from the other device.
  • Right-click on the signal or network icon and connect your Wifi.

This was a simple steps which teaches you to connect and use Wi-Fi adapter in your PC and laptop if you having problem with connecting or icon disappearing kindly please comment your problem your best explanation I’ll try to solute in my next article.

Wifi connector for Windows 10

You can also find best Wi-Fi adaptor for Windows 10 PC and laptops, there is in built-in wifi adapter available in laptops specially in Windows 10 operating system. If there is a problem with your exist Wi-Fi adapter then you can troubleshoot instead of buying new Wi-Fi adapter.

Wifi Adapters for Windows 7

Well if we talk about Windows 7 in 2021 then you will not able to download windows 7 wifi drivers from Microsoft official website. But you can still access third party drivers in your pc and laptops By downloading third party win7 drivers.

Best Recommendation For ‘Wireless WIFI Adapter

Here is the best Wi-Fi adapter for pc and can be used with laptop selected by me which I’m using personally in my pc. Superfast and low price product to speed up your internet signals some PC to with devices.

wifi adapter for laptop

Lonix WiFi USB Adapter for Computer, Wi-Fi Receiver 2.4GHz, 802.11b/g/n

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best wifi adapter for desktopRs.199
wifi adapter for pc flipkartRs.200
wifi adapter for pc softwareUnder 200
Wireless USB AdaptersRs.300
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If you are using a laptop and searching for WiFi adaptor then here is the list of recommended Wi-Fi adaptors in low price with faster speed and a longer range.