How to Stop Data Usage In Windows 10 – Reduce High Data Consumption April 2, 2021 by Anil Patil

How to Stop Data Usage From Windows 10 Operating System? this is a common problem with every Windows 10 user which is is automatically updates and background apps downloading. Sometimes you need to stop all the background automatically update from Windows to work properly.

Even, I have also faced this problem with my Windows 10 system this is a very basic in data usage and common issue by windows updates when you don’t need any updates while working. So let’s start the process to kill unnecessary apps and stop background Windows updates and auto-download.

Follow Simple Steps to Stop high data usage in windows 10

Here how you can follow simple steps to stop high data usage in windows 10 pc

  • Right Click on the taskbar and tap to Task Manager
  • Click on the End of corner Tab ;Services;
  • Find Windows Update from description
  • Click Right And Stop
  • Repeat Right Click on Windows Update and Click Open Services

Now its time to talk about real fact behind how i stopped data usage apps and updates,

Well,I am using windows 10 for 2 years, Last night when I connected mp phone wifi and browse the internet for 1 and half hour and then seen I got a 50% data usage massage from telecom in the phone. I was shocked about how it reaches 500mb in just half-hour :o, then after a while research ai got the perfect solution wanna going to share with you in a little steps.

Let’s Stop background apps That utilize high Data

  • Windows Desktop bottom, Right-click on Taskbar
  • Click on the Task manager
  • In the processes tab End Task which you don’t want Run
stop data usage in windows 10 pc
Data Usage in Windows 10 PC
Disable Windows Update And Hit Apply

This is a very simple way to stop unwanted background apps that are running.
And the other method is you can also go to setting and stop for updates which is not recommended by Microsoft but you can start it later.

How to stop the system data usage in Windows 10 – Users Book

I have a problem that I can’t seem to find a solution for. My Windows 10 desktop is sucking data (I have a limited data plan) BUT it’s not from internet usage. It’s from the System (see attached picture). I have the connection set as metered, I have all live tiles turned off, I have automatic updates turned off and “PC’s on my local network” ticked on the How Updates are delivered page. I even completely uninstalled the app store so it wouldn’t try to update that. I’m at my wit’s end. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? My overage charges are going over the top.

Anti answer for this is several factors that are causing this issue. For proper isolation, kindly answer the queries below:

Stop unwanted internet data usage in the Windows 10 system

  • Disabling any running programs in the background using the clean boot method?
  • Any recent changes made on the computer prior to the issue?
  • What troubleshooting steps have you done to fix the issue?

The Microsoft support Centre is always ready to help their customers with issues and problems. If you have anything other issues that you can also so I reply to Microsoft’s official website support center. And still have you some questions about this problem, then comment below for more information. We love to help you out.

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