How To Design A Website In 15 Minutes On WordPress: Simple Guide to Build A Website May 9, 2021 by Ravi Raj

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Setting up a new website without coding in 15 minutes can seem difficult, but it is not as difficult as you imagine. There are several applications and software available today that can create a website without the need for any coding. One of the most common applications is WordPress, which allows you to create a whole new website without writing a single line of code. Many more websites and new applications, such as,,, and others, assist you with designing a website in 15 minutes free.

Here we figure out some most searched points, how to build a website from scratch with wordpress – step by step with full details so lets lets start.

Why WordPress for Building Website?

Considering most common reason to create top level website with wordpress.  

Everyone needs the simplest form of website that can be set up. WordPress is a forum that can assist you with creating whatever kind of website you want. This software is a content management system that can be used to create fantastic, immersive, and incredibly complicated websites. WordPress may be used to create complex pages in addition to blogs. What’s more interesting is that setting up a WordPress website doesn’t have to be expensive; all you need is a quick download from

Design A Website Without Coding In 15 Minutes

But first, let’s clarify what we’re going to do. We’re going to make a WordPress blog. To make a better understanding I’m going to break the process into five key stages in order to build or design a website in 15 minutes online without coding. Right from registering a domain to publishing a website on Google everything is explained in this article. All you have to do is follow the instructions. Don’t worry if you run into any difficulties when designing; in that case, please leave a message below and one of our team members will respond to you within a few minutes. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Choosing a niche and a domain name

Choosing a niche and a domain name
niche for your website

First, you must decide what the site is about, what the niche is, and what kind of site you want to create. WordPress may be used to create a variety of websites, including news websites, blogs, and even e-commerce websites. 

Then choose a great title that suits your niche, and then a name for your website. You may use any domain extension, such as,.in,.net,

The domain name you choose is permanent; you won’t be able to change it later. If you really want to change your domain name, you must create a new website again.

 So choose carefully. Choose one and check if it’s still available on any domain provider this will be the website’s domain name. Proceed to the next phase if you have done with it

Step 2: Purchase Hosting and a Domain

Purchase Hosting and a Domain
BEst Hosting plans for wordpress website

Before you can create a website, you must first learn about hosting and domain names. The domain is the name of the website that you choose in step 1.

 Hosting is the location where the website’s files are stored. In other words, hosting is something that provides you with storage for the site, so you may refer to it as a service/server provider.

So, get your hosting with domain from any hosting company like Hostinger, HostPapa, A2 Hosting, GoDaddy, and more

If you are a novice I really suggest you go with Hostinger it has the cheapest host with premium speed and Good performance, web host, with great support once you have completed the purchase follow next step

Step 3: WordPress Installation

WordPress Installation
install wordpress

WordPress is the best free application that can be built and used to create a website. You can develop a website without any programming or coding experience. Open to get more information about the tool.

You should install it from the home page or from your hosting provider’s website. Select manage WordPress. Create an account by including a username and password. This is also the site’s 

WordPress logging id and password. When the installation is over, you will be led to the WordPress Dashboard. This is the area where you can manage your website.

congrats Your website is now live and operational. Your domain name can be found in the left corner of the dashboard; click on it to see if your website is live with the default WordPress theme. You’ve successfully opened the site; now it’s time to customize it with themes and plugins based on your needs.

Step 4: Setting up a New Theme and Plugins

design website without coding
WordPress seo friendly website setup plugin and themes

There is a Theme segment on the left menu of the dashboard. Search for add a new theme, and then click on  Add New Theme.

 If you’re a novice, I recommend the Astra theme with Astra Sites Plugin to set up. This theme comes with a pre-designed website with a demo page and content to help you get started quickly.

but, before you begin designing, you must first install plugins. If you go to the plugins, you’ll see that some of the plugins that have been pre-installed for the Astra Theme don’t make any changes with existing themes. 

Add a new plug-in, search for Elementor, and install it. Elementor is an editor plugin that allows for simple drag-and-drop editing.

So, pick a design and add it to the website. After you’ve finished with the concept and its demo material, you can go on to the next step.

Step 5: Demo Content and pages Editing

design website in 15 minutes
Create website with demo content and pages template wordpress

Only the editing portion remains in the final process. It’s very simple to make changes to a website. To edit a page, simply go to the page you wish to change and choose ‘Elementor.’

now go to the editing section. edit any text or anything you want. The same procedure should be followed on the entire website.

This is how you can use Elementor to edit any page you want. To change the site’s footer and header, go to the customization tab at the top of the dashboard.

You can edit the theme, site logo, name, graphic, and menu section after clicking Customize. If you wish to make some modifications to the main menu, go to the menu section and press the menus section.

Using Elementor’s drag-and-drop functionality, you can now create your own website. Create the article you want, categorize it, and publish it. This is how you can design a brand new website in 15 minutes without coding.

Bottom line 

This concludes the topic. If you’ve completed everything mentioned above, you really deserve a break. Be proud that you created a website without code, something that most people are scared to do even once.

Just a few years back, running a website and setting it up was one of the most difficult tasks, but with the advancement of hosting solutions and easy-to-manage sites like WordPress, it is now an incredibly simple task that everyone can achieve.

If you have any more questions? Is there something that you don’t understand? or any issue with any step Make a note of it in the comments section, and Price4india will make sure to address it.

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