Battlegrounds Mobile India Release date leaked again – Check this out May 29, 2021 by Anil Patil

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Thousands of Indians are waiting for Battlegrounds Mobile release date in India, that is considered another version of PUBG Mobile India, the release date of the upcoming battlegrounds was disclosed once again.

Battlegrounds Mobile India release date leak again

What Is Battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date?

Abhijeet Andhare, who is known among the players as Ghatak, tweeted that the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India will take place in the third week of next month. He added that Krafton plans to start the game on June 13-19.

Ghatak is the coach for the Solomid team and has a YouTube channel where he promotes electronic sports.

According to other reports, the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India would take place on June 18. It is worth noting that several lovers of PUBG Mobile India believe that Battlegrounds Mobile India will be launched on June 10th.

This speculation took root after Krafton published a post several days ago. The display shows the eclipse of the Sun and the next eclipse of the Sun falls on June 10th.

Meanwhile, Krafton has still not officially announced the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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Game NameBattlegrounds Mobile india
App Size2.5 GB
Release DateJun 10

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