5G Jio Google will be launched Latest Jio Smartphone in 2021, The price could be around Rs 3,500 June 5, 2021 by Anil Patil

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai revealed that he is working closely with Reliance Jio to release the 5G smartphone for Indian consumers soon. Pichai did not provide a timeline for the launch, nor did Reliance Jio.

Earlier reports showed that the Jio-Google 5G smartphone will be launched at the company’s 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) scheduled for June 2021. New reports suggest a separate story. According to news reports, the JioPhone 5G will be launched around Diwali this year. There is still time to get hold of the next Google-Jio 5G smartphone.

5g jio phone price in india
5G Jiophone News

JioPhone And JioGoogle With 5G Network

New media stories suggest that the Jio-Google 5G smartphone aka JioPhone 5G will be launched around October-November, around Diwali this year. We suggest you take this information with a pinch of salt and wait until Jio or Google to reveal the official release details.

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According to the latest reports, people close to the development have reported that the 5G smartphone is currently being tested in manufacturing facilities at Dixon Technologies, Flextronics Technologies. UTL Neolyncs and Wingtech Mobiles’.

Mobile NameJio SmarPhone
Network5G Network
Launch DateOct-Nov 2021
Jio Data Table Source from internet

The reports allude to the JioPhone 5G award. According to the latest reports, the forth coming Google-Jio 5G smartphone could be priced below $50, which is approximately around Rs 3650. All in all, it is probable that the phone could be valued around Rs 3500.

The same reports also show that the JioPhone 5G smartphone has already gone through the R&D phase (research and development). The telecommunications operator is reportedly looking to obtain components from companies such as Tata Electronics.
Jio still hasn’t confirmed those specifics.

5G Jio Phone Booking And Schedule

It also added that the pre-booking of the 5G JioPhone could start soon.

The report also suggests that other affected suppliers will work to assemble the smartphone. Sources close to development, says the role of Google in this project is to optimize the software for the 5G device while Wingtech will design the hardware.

When will the 5g phone be released in India?

Regarding the release date, the executive said, since the trials and tests are ongoing, the 5G smartphone could be launched before the last quarter of the current calendar year.

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