WhatsApp 2022: WhatsApp introduces new features to Android and iOS users. June 5, 2021 by Anil Patil

The Upcoming WhatsApp features not only will enable users to make easier to communicate, but will also advance the business in 2021. Let know What key features emerged from WhatsApp in 2021.

The newest features of WhatsApp in 2022

In 2022, phones and other devices won’t cost as much, so you’ll use WhatsApp more often than you do now.


Find out who you talk to most often. 
If you want to find out who you talk to too much on WhatsApp, all you have to do is scroll through the chatscreen.
But if you have deleted the messages or there are too many of them, it will be hard to find out. 
To do this, go to the settings and click “Settings,” “Account,” and “Storage Usage.” 
Here is list of the people you are currently chatting with. If you tap on any of them, you can see how much data you have sent or received in all of your chats. 
Now you should be able to figure out who your good friend is. 
For now, this feature is only on the iPhone.


Here are the new features and updates that were added to WhatsApp in 2022.


  • Improving voice messages. 
  • Image: WhatsApp….talk Let’s about communities. 
  • Image by WhatsApp: Reactions, sharing large files, and more people in group. 
  • Image from WhatsApp: Helping small businesses. 
  • Image by WhatsApp; other features coming soon.

Here are the Latest 6 upcoming new features from WhatsApp in 2022

  • Multiple Device Support

Latest upcoming feature in whatsapp app 2021
Latest WhatsApp features from Price4india.com

WhatsApp has been working on this feature for a while and it now looks like the most anticipated multi-device support feature will be available sooner than expected. Since you are reading this on price4india.com lets move to the next feature.

  • WhatsApp disappearing images feature

This functionality is based on a snapshot. With the disappearing mode, WhatsApp basically plans to make WhatsApp more private than ever before. (Price4india.com) Facebook CEO revealed the coming of this feature earlier this week and said in an official statement, we’re about to start rolling out ‘disappearing mode’, which turns on disappearing messages in all of your threads so your WhatsApp experience basically becomes ephemeral.”

  • WhatsApp logout feature

Whatsapp logout feature 2021

  • Instagram Reels on WhateApp feature

As you already used this feature in Instagram

Whatsapp new reels feature in 2021
Whatsapp new feature
  • Read later WhatsApp feature

This new feature can allow you to set messages to read later, With the new Read Later functionality, WhatsApp aims to eliminate such interrupts. Once enabled, chats containing new messages will stay in the Read Later section and users will not be notified if a new message arrives. All conversations in the Read Later section will be silent.


Quick responses to status updates — 

The option for managers to delete specific messages in group is one of several enhancements coming to WhatsApp in 2022…


WhatsApp made some significant modifications to improve the service and, in some cases, bring it closer to competing chat apps.


WhatsApp feature update: companion mode will be available soon- users can sync chat histories- login to the same account from several devices-


WhatsApp Communities feature ·


New chat functionality for group administrators 
WhatsApp web/desktop 2-step verification

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