Playing Battlegrounds Mobile india? Here is Latest Tricks & Glitches (2021) July 5, 2021 by Anil Patil

Would you like to play Battlegrounds mobile India as a pro player? Here is the top tricks and tips to play like a dynamo, all the necessary settings are important preferences, Sensitivity and the right weapon attachments.
In this article I will come up with a couple of techniques. Which can feel you like a pro player,
We are going to cover:
  • Battlegrounds mobile India sensitivity settings,
  • The perfect weapon equipments and components,
  • Battleground mobile India maps and glitches,
  • Best way to increase your RP ranking
  • How to play like a pro player?
This is not only things that we are going to cover in this page –, We will try to improve your ranking as well, so let’s begin …Please read the full article to understand each and every point perfectly even I will try to add some plane and Groups where you can get in touch with Battleground mobile India Game Pro players.

Battlegrounds mobile India sensitivity settings (PUBG Mobile)

See some photos and follow the sensitivity settings and follow the image to set up your game sensitivity according to your fingers and angle. wich works also with pubg mobile.
Sensitivity settings BGMI
Battlegrounds Mobile India Best sensitivity settings Source:
  • 3rd Person (TPP) No Scope – 120-150%
  • 1st Person (FPP) No Scope – 110-140%
  • Red Dot, Holographic – 60-90%
  • 2x Scope – 40-70%
  • 3x Scope, Win94 – 20-50%
  • 4x Scope, VSS – 15-30%
  • 6x Scope – 5-15%
  • 8x Scope – 3-13%
  • TPP Aim – 115-125%
  • FPP Aim – 115-125%
Alright, so here you can manage your bgmi aka pubg mobile sensitivity setting from the image and list,
Now let’s focus on the most Battlegrounds mobile India weapons to use with proper equipments and attachments, as you are reading on I will try to put my best to explain main which is the best weapons in pubg mobile – Battleground mobile India to get a perfect chicken dinner.
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: Battlegrounds Mobile India
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: Battlegrounds Mobile India

Top 10 BGMI AR Weapons & Bullets

You are familiar with close range fight when you can use these weapons with its complete attachments,
For close range fight you can use these top weapons:
  1. AKM – 49 HP – 7.62 mm
  2. M16A4  – 43 HP  – 5.56 mm
  3. SCAR-L  – 43 HP – 5.56 mm
  4. M416 – 43 HP – 5.56 mm
  5. Groza – 49 HP – 7.62 mm
  6. Aug A3 – 43 HP –  5.56 mm
  7. QBZ –  43 HP – 5.56 mm
  8. Beryl M762 – 47 HP – 7.62 mm
  9. MK47 Mutant-  49 HP – 7.62 mm
  10. G36C – 43 HP – 5.56 mm
Now let’s move on to the next point which is better ground maps and places where you can land safely to increase more survival time a good startup for your game. constantly hear you and your queries to provide more valuable stuff which will increase your skills and informational knowledge.
Ok, so let’s move to the next point,
However, This is a very recent time to launch Battlegrounds mobile India show me some glitches are not perfect to work, but still we will try to update it whenever it comes to work for everyone.
Are you interested a play with pro player in Battleground mobile India if yes then this is the group link down below where you can find your Pro player friends and can play with them to learn more about Pro tricks and tips.
Coming Soon … Please Drop your Battlegrounds Mobile india ID or Name, So we can remind you on time…

Battlegrounds mobile India increase your ranking and RP

Probably, this is a virtual world game and it is not important to play for long times to be a Pro player or increase your ranking it is more important to play smartly and catch techniques quickly.
Here are some key points where you can increase your RP and ranking price for is not guaranteed and insure about rankings and techniques it’s up to you and please read the disclaimer before proceed to follow the points.
Ratings For Battlegrounds Initial Experience:
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Disclaimer: is not recommend’s you to play for a long time or even this is a virtual world game. Play with your own moderation and responsibility.

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