Windows PC Speed Tips: How to Boost Your Windows Computer/Laptop

Ways to increase the speed of computer or laptop
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Stuck with slow computer speed? especially on Windows 7/10 machines, right? Here you can find ways to speed up your computer or laptop,

The most crucial processes are going to be listed here to enhance your computer performance. Sometimes your laptop is too slow when you are working, thus this step can also assist to boost your computer speed. Please read the entire article to finish the process.

Get rid of Windows PC Slow Speed Problem
Get rid of Windows PC Slow Speed Problem

How to speed up your computer’s processing speed

In this article, we will learn “How to increase the speed of computer laptop” while processing multiple tasks. In today’s modern era, everything is being done with the help of the internet and laptops, and most of the government work is also done by online computers in every field. The demand for computers is increasing. Computers are used everywhere, be it hospitals, offices, or the corporate world.

You must also be using computer, but have you slowed down the speed of your computer, does your computer silo work and your laptop or computer hangs, then today we will tell you how to overcome these problems that you can use your computer. We are giving you all this information today, how we can speed up the speed and how we can improve its performance.

Here are seven quick tips to increase computer speed

  1. Uninstall any unwanted software.
  2. Limit the number of applications that run during launch.
  3. Increase the amount of RAM in your computer.
  4. Examine your computer for malware and viruses.
  5. Make use of disk cleanup and defragmentation.
  6. Consider getting a starting SSD.
  7. Examine your internet browser.

When you sit on your computer or laptop to do any work, it works very slowly, it opens for a long time and when we open any file or software, it opens in a long time and hangs, there are some reasons for this. Today we will tell you why your computer becomes slow. To improve the speed of the computer, we are telling you some measures which are as follows.

Increase the speed of your computer or laptop by uninstalling unnecessary malware.
Why does the computer start working slowly even after the virus comes? Use only one antivirus program at a time. Having too much antivirus software can also make your computer work slowly. If you have Windows 10, then you do not need any antivirus software. This work is done by your Windows Defender software, and you have to keep updating it.

Three Tips for How to Increase Computer Speed

Uninstalling unnecessary software and games: The software that you do not use should be uninstalled and there are many games that we never play but leave it installed, this also fills up a lot of space in the hard disk, due to which our computer starts to slow and hang. That’s why we should keep deleting or uninstalling unnecessary things from time to time, when the space in the hard disk increases, the speed of the computer automatically becomes fast.

1. Remove temporary files (Temp Files)

Friends, when we do any work on our computer and run any software, then temporary files are generated in the hard disk which contains a folder of temporary files, we should keep deleting it from time to time to delete these files. Due to which the speed of the computer becomes faster. Temporary files hard take up a lot of space in it. Due to which the speed of the computer decreases and it starts working slow, so from time to time we should keep cleaning the hard disk.

2. Keep the desktop screen clean

The desktop screen should be cleaned from time to time, which software file folders are not working for you, then they should be uninstalled or deleted, it also makes a lot of difference on the speed of the computer, this desktop screen is called the main screen. On this screen, we keep the shortcut of our file software or app, due to having more icons in it, there is a difference in the speed and our computer works slow, keep cleaning it from time to time.

following question are asked by peoples when process to speed up your computer

  • increase the speed of computer or laptop?
  • How to increase the speed of computer or laptop?
  • emptying the recycling bin
  • What is a Recycle Bin and how to empty it

If you delete some files, videos, photos, etc. on your laptop, all that goes into the recycle bin until we empty the recycle bin when the data from the recycle bin occupies space on the hard disk. That’s why we should keep emptying the recycling bin from time to time. We can also delete directly, but sometimes after deleting we feel that we should not have deleted it, so there is an option in the recycle bin where we can put whatever has been deleted in the recycle bin. You can bring it back to you, so you should not delete it directly.

Someone asked me How can I speed up my computer? So the final steps you can follow are

3. Disable unwanted startup programs

Whenever we turn on our laptop or computer, many systems start automatically as soon as we turn it on and keep running in the background, so because of this our laptop computer system starts running slowly. If you want to speed up your computer or laptop, then you can disable all those apps, for this you have to follow some easy tips given by us.

  1. Ctrl + alt + delete > task manager>startup After this you can disable all those apps from here.
  2. Now you have to right click.
  3. Then click on Disable on Apps .

Important Note – Here you do not have to disable antivirus and any kind of software named Microsoft.
Choose the right system performance
In Windows, you have been given the System Performance option, with the help of which you can improve the performance of your computer. So for this, first of all Control panel > system > advanced system settings > settings > adjust for best performance

Clean C Drive
Always keep the C drive of your computer free, and do not store any unnecessary data in it. To clean C drive, we have to follow some easy steps for you.

  • First of all right click on C drive and go to Properties.
  • Now click on General Tap and click on Desk Cleanup.
  • Now after some time processing, all time files will be shown in front of you and click on OK.

How to check Computer Hardware?

Changing the hardware on a computer or laptop is very important because it can be the biggest reason for the slow speed of the old computer. By doing this, you can increase the RAM of your computer system. You can also get its bill changed because sometimes, due to the port not working in the system, the speed of the computer keeps on slowing down again and again, for which you may need to get the hardware checked.

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