The Difference Between High and Low Cheekbones – Skins & Beauty Tips

High Cheekbones vs Low Cheekbones: The Major Difference
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High Cheekbones vs Low Cheekbones: Because the world contains different major ethnic and sub-groups with different cheekbone structures, any criterion used to judge beauty is unfair. When the bulk of cases outnumber the minority, it’s evident that high cheekbones are the best option. Actors and prominent politicians, for example, have high cheekbones, which attract attention, and individuals’ desire to achieve a similar look by using make-up.

In some cultures, the difference between having high cheekbones and having low cheeks has tremendous significance. High cheekbones are considered a symbol of strength in various Asian cultures, and they are often found on people who are strong and determined. As a result, persons with prominent cheekbones are regarded as more desirable by society.

How to imperceptibly and efficiently remove defects from the skin, but preserve the texture? How to accurately align the pigment and unevenness of the face? For such tasks, simple tools like a stamp or a healing brush will not be enough. You will need frequency decomposition.

Difference Between High and Low Cheekbones

We will tell you what frequency decomposition retouching is, how to do it efficiently, quickly and at the same time not turn your face into a plastic mask.

People with low cheekbones, on the other hand, are not always less appealing. It’s all about keeping up with the latest trends. Contouring is vital in today’s fashion to get high and prominent cheekbones. This was not the situation ten years ago.

high vs low cheekbones
High Cheekbones vs Low Cheekbones

Tips to Get High Cheekbones – beauty products

You can achieve High Cheekbones in a variety of ways. Read on to learn how to get your cheekbones to look like models from a fashion magazine.

  • Concealing: To raise the look and structure of the face, concealer should be applied to the outside face wrinkles, temples, around the hairline, cheekbones, and nose.
  • Highlighting: The dewy appearance is achieved by highlighting the T-Zone, eye circles, chin, and jawline. This allows others to concentrate on the contours that are being applied.
  • Blush: Applying blush provides radiance and elevates the features of the face naturally and without effort.
  • Bronzer: Apply bronzer to your temples and nasal bridge to give your face a warm glow and dimension. As a result, your cheekbones will appear higher.

Oval face shape Owners of an oval face shape are very lucky: they do not need to mask their cheeks or a heavy chin. However, this does not negate the desire to have well-defined cheekbones. The basic rules of make-up for an oval face: on an elongated face, cheekbones should be drawn not with a vertical line, but with a horizontal one, moving from the nose to the temples; it is better to darken the lower part of the face by applying a dark shade; cover the forehead with the same shade of powder, so the oval of the face will become proportional. On a too elongated face , it is better not to draw cheekbones at all, because they will only lengthen it. You can just darken the area under them.

Cosmetics (Makeup) for cheekbone correction

Let’s first find out what cheekbones are? These are the two bones of the skull, on which the zygomatic muscles and dermis are attached. How to discover them? First, say “cheese!”, that is, smile very widely. Then , with your index finger, touch the most convex place of the cheek – this is the center of the cheekbone. Then, with your thumb, touch where the ear meets the face.

The line between your fingers will be your cheekbone. There are various cosmetics that will help you highlight this area of ​​​​the face: blush, powder, foundation.


This is the easiest and easiest way to emphasize the cheekbones. It is worth paying attention to the shade of blush, because for girls with the “Winter”, “Summer” color type it is better to choose cold pink and gray shades , and for girls with the “Autumn”, “Spring” color type, warm peach and reddish colors are ideal. First of all, cover the dermis with a light foundation – this way the contrast between the light cheeks and the cheekbones will be noticeable. Apply a blush of the desired color on the cheekbones, and then take a darker blush and cover the skin under the cheekbones.

For loose blush, a wide brush with a beveled edge is appropriate, and if you use creamy blush, you can apply them with your fingers. Blush application line: light tones are superimposed along the path from the wings of the nose to the temples, and dark colors – from the chin to the temples.

The final stage is shading. Using a large round brush, blend the borders of the shades, moving from the middle of the cheeks to the temples. To get the most natural blush color for the cheekbone, do a couple of squats or a few other physical exercises until the skin turns slightly red. This color will be perfect for you. For an evening make-up, bright and rich tones of blush are suitable.


Bronzers are great when you want to create a bold look . They can be used instead of blush. They will create the effect of natural bulges. But note that such a tool should be applied to the foundation, otherwise unevenness in the tone of the face may appear.

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Shadows and powder

For beginners in the field of sculpting, we advise you to take powder or instead of light blush, which is applied to the cheekbone. And on the blackout area, apply dark matte. Then “walk” over the face with a large brush, applying loose powder.

Contouring (sculpting) Foundation plus powder equals contouring. This method is widely used by professional makeup artists. The most important thing to remember is that what you want to emphasize is highlighted in light color , and what should be hidden is dark. To make the cheekbones more expressive, you should follow these recommendations: evenly apply a light foundation on the dermis and gently blend (for this it is better to use a brush with artificial hairs); retract your cheeks and apply a dark foundation to the place where the hole turned out; zygomatic bone (remember how to “find” it: this is a line from the ear to the middle of the cheek) cover with a light tone .

A wide brush will come in handy here; apply a light shade of foundation on the middle of the forehead, chin and dimple under the nose; carefully blend cosmetics; Apply loose powder and spread it evenly over the face with a wide brush. It is important to remember: a light foundation should be one tone lighter than your skin, and a dark one, respectively, that one or two tones darker.


It is not always possible for us to create ideal cheekbones. Below we will look at the main mistakes when sculpting. Often women confuse bronzer with a sculptor. Recall that a bronzer is needed in order to create a “shine” on the skin, to emphasize the tan. And you should correct the shape of the face: they are gray, olive colors (create a shadow effect) and are applied under the cheekbones, chin. Sometimes girls overdo it with blush and as a result, the cheekbone area turns into a bright spot.

It is also important to remember the thorough shading of all cosmetics . Then the transition between shades will be smooth and natural. Applying a lot of shimmer on the cheekbones, if it is not evening makeup , is unaesthetic. Another important aspect : hair.

Yes, a hairstyle can both emphasize favorably and nullify all efforts in makeup. Cheekbones can be highlighted with a cascade haircut, where the hairstyle starts exactly from the middle of the cheek. Straight hair or slightly curved towards the cheeks will help define the line of the cheekbones. Bangs are better to choose a straight line. And curls hanging down to the middle of the cheeks can help you create the perfect look.

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