Toyota GR 86 Price: It’s Less Than Rs 22,58,556 in India!

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The new toyota gr 86 is $50 less expensive than the old one, 2022 Toyota GT86 Price in India, Specs, Top Speed, Mileage with the manual variant starting at Rs 22,58,556 and delivery costing approx. Rs.70,860. The previous 86, according to CarsDirect, started at Rs.21,53,729.

The Toyota GR 86 has been redesigned to be everything we’ve hoped for. Although it isn’t turbocharged yet (it will be in 2022), the larger flat-four helps it to be even more powerful and faster. Even better, it keeps its six-speed manual transmission.

The lower grades, on the other hand, come at a cost. The SE starts at Rs.23,44,590 while the SEL starts at Rs.24,56,860 for standard trims. Heated Ultrasuede front seats, a leather steering wheel, shift boot, and handbrake are all included.

Every 2022 also gets a one-year membership in the National Auto Sport Association, as well as a free HPDE track day with a driving coach.

The Toyota GR 86 will be available in December 2022, but unlike the coal in my stocking, it does not appear that a low-cost, stripped-down 86 RC will be available this year.

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