How To Fix Tiktok Crashing Problem?

How To Fix Tiktok Crashing Problem

How To Fix Tiktok Crashing Problem

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Tiktok Crashing Issue: Tiktok is one of the most trending short video sharing applications. Every day, there are around 700 million active users on tiktok.

For many years, Tiktok has provided a smooth experience for millions of users. However, every application suffers from a few glitches from time to time. Earlier we have talked about instagram Paramerters Error, and . Now we are going to build our focus on one such error, that is, Tiktok crushing Error.

Using the TikTok app on your phone or tablet and getting a message that says “sorry app has stopped” doesn’t mean anything is wrong with your device or the app. So, these are some of the possible causes of TikTok’s failure. Here you check if your tik tok app is not working properly,

There are a lot of cached files on your device.

TikTok is an out-of-date app.

There isn’t enough room on your device. “ROM Space Is Limited.”

The RAM on your smartphone is less than 3GB.

You’re multitasking by running multiple apps at once.

The app has bugs and glitches.

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Tiktok Crashing Problem: How Do I Fix It?

Reboot Your Device
If TikTok crashes on your Android phone, a simple system refresh will do the trick. Despite the fact that most Android users don’t, restarting your phone can help with a variety of issues, including TikTok, because it refreshes the memory, frees up RAM, kills any ongoing processes, and so forth.

If TikTok keeps crashing, restart your phone and let the system do its thing. You can reset your phone by pressing the Power button for about 10 seconds if you’re not sure how. For a more traditional method, you can long press the Power button and then tap Restart.

Get Rid of the Tik Tok Temporary Files
Clearing the app’s cache data may be necessary. As stated, this is Cache’s job. Android apps typically cache data rather than re-download it, so that they can run faster and consume fewer resources.

TikTok’s cached data may be corrupted if it continues to fail. Get rid of it by following these steps.

  • The Settings app on your phone should have a section called Apps & Notifications on it.
  • To view all of your apps, go to Apps > See all > TikTok.
  • From the drop-down menu, select Storage & Cache.
  • To clear the cache data, tap Clear Cache on your phone.

Install Tik Tok again from scratch

The TikTok app should be reinstalled if you do not have the Android System web View update installed on your phone or if it does not make any difference after installing. Because of our habit of moving apps from one phone to another or sideloading them from other websites, we may not be getting the most out of our devices. A faulty or poorly optimised TikTok app can cause the app to keep crashing. TikTok can now be reinstalled on your phone using the Play Store.

TikTok can be uninstalled by long pressing the TikTok app icon in your launcher, then selecting Uninstall.

Reinstall TikTok from the Google Play Store.


Get the basics down, from registering and using the app, to mastering the app’s most sought-after editing tools. In addition to the fun of quickly creating and editing videos on your phone, TikTok’s finely tuned algorithm is what makes it so appealing to so many people.

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