Jio will provide you with free internet data, if your internet data suddenly runs out!

Free 1gb jio data 2022
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Tech News: Don’t be concerned if your daily internet data abruptly expires. When consumers run out of data and are unable to recharge promptly, Reliance Jio enables them to borrow some data. Customers can obtain a 1GB emergency data loan bundle from the jio company.

How to Get Jio Free Data Without Add-on plan

It may be found on the company’s MyJio app. To activate the data, just touch on the homepage’s menu and navigate to the “Emergency data loan” item. Customers who have used up their daily data allowance and are unable to recharge promptly can take advantage of an emergency data loan, which essentially allows them to’recharge now, pay later.’

In other words, if you are unable to make the payment after exhausting the data, you can obtain the data loan right away and pay it back later. Here’s how to redeem your voucher: If you wish to utilise the Jio Emergency data coupon, first open the ‘My Jio app’ on your smartphone, then go to the menu and select the ‘Mobile Services’ option. Select ‘Emergency data loan’ from the list, then click ‘Get emergency data’ and then ‘Activate now.’

Get Jio Free 1GB Data Without Add-on plan

As a result, you will receive 1 to 2GB of data as a loan from Jio.

Pay in this manner Let me now explain how you may repay the money from this data loan. You would have to pay Rs 15 for 1 GB of data and Rs 25 for 2 GB of data. To do so, launch the ‘Myjio’ app on your smartphone, then click on ‘Emergency Data Voucher,’ then ‘Proceed,’ and finally ‘Pay.’ You may refund your loan here.

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In this manner, you may borrow data from Jio when you are in desperate need of it, and you will be granted this 2GB internet for free at that moment. You have the option of paying it later. Let us remind you that this Jio service is only available to certain prepaid customers.

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