Russia will restrict access to social media platforms such as Instagram

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According to official information, Access to the social media platform Instagram will be restricted in Russia starting on March 14.

Following the request of the Prosecutor General’s office, access to the Instagram social network is restricted in Russia,” the Russian communications regulator announced.

What caused this to happen? Following accusations that the network was spreading improper behaviours against its community, particularly in the context of the ongoing conflict with Ukraine, Russia banned access to the network.

Note that Instagram is a highly popular social network among young people, and it may even be used as an online sales tool, which is beneficial to the economics of small and medium-sized businesses in Russia.

Because of the restricted access, the Facebook and Twitter networks in Russia have already been disrupted, making them virtually unreachable. Important to understand is that the Instagram network is part of the Meta platform, which is owned by Mark Zuckerberg and operated by his company, Facebook.

With no question, the policies of Vladimir Putin have had a significant influence, and many enterprises have already abandoned Russia, as seen in the following list.

Starbucks, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi Co, among other multinational corporations, have recently ceased their operations in the Russian market. It doesn’t stop there, as Ferrari has also opted to pause its car manufacturing in order to target the Russian market.

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