WhatsApp will bring new restrictions on chats, What is it about?

Whatsapp new features 2022

Photo: Unplash / Eyestetix Studio

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According to WABetainfo, a medium specialized in sharing WhatsApp And Facebook news , it has been reported that the platform will limit the forwarding of messages to a single group at a time, this has been seen in the beta version of the application and in the Android operating system .

The platform currently counts how many times a message is forwarded and these are marked, for example there are traditional messages, forwarded messages and messages forwarded many times, it all depends on how much they have been shared.

What’s the new WhatsApp feature that’s coming?

With this new update, Traditional messages may now be forwarded up to 5 times, while those that appear as forwarded will have a maximum restriction of one group and another 4 chats, and those that have been forwarded multiple times will only be able to be shared once with the recipient.

This measure seeks to reduce spam, possible false news, among other types of information that may be malicious for the user.

The feature is currently in a beta state, limited to a small number of tests.

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