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Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Airtel, Jio, Vi and even if there is a BSNL SIM, the method of doing MNP for all is a bit similar. Which you can get rid of the problems of your existing network by doing fruits.

Are you dissatisfied with the service provided by your telecom provider? You’re having network issues! For example, call drops, sluggish internet, and so on. But don’t get too worked up over it. If you are dissatisfied with your current carrier’s service, you can migrate your existing mobile number to another company.

So let us know how to take service from other network without changing the mobile number i.e. (MNP) mobile number port in 2022.

What is Mobile Number Portability?

Mobile number portability is a facility of a telecom company to transfer its user from one operator to another operator. If a customer is not satisfied with the services of his current operator, he can switch his mobile number to any other service provider of his choice (Airtel, Reliance Jio, Vi, BSNL) without changing the existing number. A unique porting code is required for porting a mobile number.

How to get Unique Porting Code (UPC)?

A unique porting code is required for mobile number portability. Only through this code your number will be ported to another operator. There are also some conditions for MNP (Mobile Number Portability). If you are not active in the current operator’s network for 90 days, then you cannot port your number, that is, it is possible to port a mobile number that is at least 90 days old.

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How to port mobile number

You can port your SIM from Jio to BSNL in a very easy way in our given way, for this you have to follow the method we are telling.

number port with jio aritel and idea
  1. First of all you have to send your mobile number to 1900 by giving space by writing PORT from your smartphone. For example, by writing (PORT 86388076123) to 1900 number.
  2. You will get the UPC i.e. unique porting code instantly through SMS, it will be valid for 15 days and through this UPC code you will be able to port the SIM.
  3. Now you have to go to any nearest store or retailer and ask for SIM porting, they will ask you for UPC (unique porting code), give them the code you received in SMS.
  4. Now you will be asked to provide the necessary documents for porting the SIM, you should give the documents that are asked for at the document store.
  5. Now the retailer or store will ask you for some fee, that you have to pay.
  6. Now a new SIM will be provided to you from the store (the operator of which you need the SIM), after you get the new SIM, it gets activated in a few days and you can get the information related to the activation of the SIM from the retailer.

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When your SIM is activated, after that you can start using your SIM.

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The method we have told you to port your mobile number is 100% working. By adopting this method, you can easily transfer your number from any network to any other network, whether it is Reliance Jio or Airtel. Hope you have got the UPC code to port your mobile number and soon your number will be ported.

If you are facing any problem anywhere, you can ask us in the comment. We will try our best to solve your problem. Apart from this, tell us how to port this article mobile number and also share this article.

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