Chapelwaite Season 2: The 5 stories of Stephen King that we would like to see on TV

Chapelwaite is an American horror drama television series created by Peter and Jason Filardi. It was based on Stephen King’s short tale “Jerusalem’s Lot.”

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The King of Horror is capable of creating terrifying worlds in a few pages full of fear; among the short stories there is the potential for very interesting series.

Chapelwaite is an American horror drama television series created by Peter and Jason Filardi. It was based on Stephen King’s short tale “Jerusalem’s Lot.

The series premiered on Epix on August 22, 2021. It garnered mixed reviews from reviewers and presently has a Rotten Tomatoes approval rating of 63%. The show’s second season has been renewed.

So, when is the second season scheduled to premiere? What is the storyline? Which actors will portray the major roles? Continue reading to learn about the series in further detail.

The American fiction was turned upside down decades ago by that cyclone called Stephen King. The writer born in Portland, in that Maine that is the fixed setting of his stories, is blessed with the gift of tirelessness, which together with his artistic verve has led him to write an endless number of literary works. In the horror genre there are very few authors who can rival the disproportionate success of King, probably the only names that can be approached are the colossal ones of Poe and Lovecraft. Shining, Pet Sematary, Carrie, IT and The Green Mile are just some titles that have entered the history of literature by right, which have gone down in history also thanks to cinematographic transpositions that touch the cult (or even surpass it, in the case of the classic directed by Kubrick ).

King doesn’t just aim to scare him – although he enjoys it a lot – but he architects stories with very deep and heartfelt morals, proving himself to be a well-rounded writer. This genius spirit also pervades his short stories, collected in anthologies adored by a smaller audience than fans of novels, but still extremely valid and interesting.

If Chapelwaite hasn’t been able to “fill in” the blanks left by the King in his Jerusalem’s Lot (as we told you in our Chapelwaite review), there is still so much potential in King’s short self-contained stories, some of which may become the ideal subject for courageous and original TV series: the showrunners would have the task of expanding a contained but powerful imaginary, it is not the simplest of jobs, but the result could be memorable.

Passage to the Nothing
The American writer published this short story directly on the internet, where his readers could download it at no cost. The Italian version is dated 2000 and four years later an anonymous film adaptation by Mick Garris is brought to the cinema. The film did not leave a good impression on the public, and King did not get the light it deserved: Riding the Bullet (this is the original title) is a terrible and profound story that we would more than willingly watch, capable of turning into a great series with the due to additions of texture.

Alan Parker is a young college student who gets a terrible phone call one night: his mother has gotten sick, is in the hospital and may not make it. The student immediately leaves for home, but not having a car he is forced to hitchhike along the deserted streets of the night. The car that loads it is full of the smell of decay, and the owner presents himself as a courier to the underworld. The man offers him a terrifying pact: Alan can choose to sacrifice himself to save his mother, or let her make the last journey to the afterlife.

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Dolan’s Cadillac Another story, another not quite successful film: Dolan’s Cadillac went to the cinema in 2009 thanks to Jeff Beesley, who chose Christian Slater as the protagonist of a film that will not remain among the most celebrated by our Mr Robot. King’s story, however, must not be wasted in this way, because the blinding revenge that leads this professor against a boss of the underworld is fertile ground for a terrifying and exciting story.

Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s The Barrel of Amontillado, Dolan’s Cadillac tells of the quest for justice by a quiet man whose wife was killed by criminal Dolan under unclear circumstances. The teacher is the narrator of this tale, and he clears the matter by saying that the woman was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The voice of his wife, however, haunts him during the seven years that pass since the accident, until the professor decides to take revenge: Dolan always travels the same remote road in the Nevada desert with his silver Cadillac, and a well-placed hole could put a silence the torment of the spirits.

Sometimes they come back

Bullying, revenge and the afterlife, these are the ingredients of Sometimes they come back, the short story published for the first time in 1974. The story perfectly manages the ideal starting point for any self-respecting horror anecdote: the ineffable that mixes with harsh reality making it even more terrible. Little Jim and his brother Wayne head to the local library to return the borrowed books when a high school gang blocks them and starts harassing them.

Chapelwaite Season 2 Release Date

The release date for the series has not been confirmed yet by the makers. As of now, we can expect it in late 2022 or mid-2023.

The new season is expected to have ten episodes like Season 1. Any other changes are expected to be revealed by the makers in the next few months.

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Chapelwaite Season 2 Plot and Cast

Also, in the first season, we were only this close to watching the world turn to the vision Charles saw. There was only human flesh laying all around.

Chapelwaite Season 2 Trailer

The trailer for Chapelwaite Season 2 is yet to be released. For now, you can enjoy the trailer of the first season below:

From words we pass violently to deeds, and Wayne is killed by the stab wounds of these criminals in swaddling clothes, while the younger brother manages to escape taking with him the nightmare of mourning. After many years we find an adult Jim, married and an English teacher in a high school. A new member is unexpectedly added to his class, and the teacher does not struggle to recognize him as one of the bulls

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