UPI Pay With Keypad Mobile: Here how you you can Make Payments without smartphone and internet,

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If you want to pay with UPI, you don’t need an internet connection or a smartphone.

How can you make a UPI payment without an internet connection or a smartphone? That’s the question we’ve answered for you today. You’ll know exactly what to do at each step. As everyone is aware, the Modi government has shifted the emphasis of the nation’s attention away from cash and toward electronic payment methods. The problem is that it is extremely difficult to get the digital payment system out to everyone in the country, and this is made much more difficult by the widespread use of smartphones and the Internet.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has introduced the UPI 123 Pay service as a response to this issue on March 9th. You’ll be amazed to learn that you may use UPI payment without an internet connection or a smartphone using this service.

UPI 123 Pay Payment Service Details

How can you take advantage of the UPI123Pay service launched by Reserve Bank of India (RBI)? So tell your information that to take advantage of this service, you must have a feature phone. Ishq service can be availed not only in feature phones but also in smartphones.

How can you make UPI payment without internet and smartphone?

Tell that about 400 million people of India have feature phones, and how much of India’s population is unable to take advantage of digital payments. Keeping this in view, the UPI 123 Pay service has been launched by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on 9 March.

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How to use UPI123Pay without internet
First of all you have to link your bank account with UPI123Pay.

Once linked, you need to set a UPI PIN using your debit or credit card.

After setting the PIN, you will have to use your feature phone and call the IVR number and select your money transfer, bill payment option.

If you wish to transfer money, select the service, enter the receiver’s phone number, enter the amount and then enter the PIN number. You can choose any of the given payment modes to make payment, voice command is also given in it. If you liked this information, then you can share this information further. Stay with us to know more such information.

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