Call recording apps will be No longer available on Google Play, call apps banned!

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Google Play has changed its policy, which is a big step. Google is reportedly removing third-party call recording apps from the Play Store starting May 11. Google Play Store users will no longer be able to easily download such apps. Google changed its API policy, affecting third-party apps. After that, users can record calls as usual, without using apps.

Google API Policy

Google, according to Android Authority, has changed its developer policy, ending third-party apps. This change will not affect the native call recording feature on mobile phones. It affects app developers who use the Accessibility API.

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“Due to the new policy, the Accessibility API may not allow remote call audio recording,” Google says.

Google play api policy
Source: playstore.Instagram

Google’s new policy gradually removes APIs that used to record calls on many Android versions. Because call recording laws vary by country, the company made this decision with privacy in mind. On Android 10,

Google has it disabled by default. Although Google has removed voice recording apps from the Play Store, many companies include call recording in their smartphones and mobiles. Smartphones from Google Pixel, Samsung, and Xiaomi already include call recording. Google’s policy has no impact on these features. Customers can still record calls.

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