Using the BeautyBlender Power Pocket Puff, you may get flawless skin

Apply powder, set foundation or touch up makeup throughout the day with this sponge, all while getting a flawless-looking finish.

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Use this sponge to apply powder, set foundation, or touch up makeup throughout the day for a perfect finish.

The classic BeautyBlender makeup sponge has been a long-time essential in my makeup bag because of the seamless way that it applies foundation and other cream or liquid products without leaving any kind of caky texture behind. When I learned from TikTok that the brand has come out with a new tool called the Power Pocket Puff intended specifically for powder application, I was intrigued about the “blurring” effects that users claimed this sponge could provide.   

I’ll cut to the chase and say that BeautyBlender has done it again when it comes to mastering the art of makeup application. The Power Pocket Puff, which is a multipurpose, slightly firm and weighty makeup sponge, is covered in an ultra soft and non-absorbent velour fabric on one side, and a kind of buffed suede on the other. The idea behind the design is that the fabric side, which is composed of special fibers that pick up and deposit the perfect amount of powder, can help to set liquid or cream products and create a very filtered and pore-minimizing effect in the process. The suede side is meant to help touch up makeup through out the day.

Whether it’s because I use sunscreen or a moisturizing base beneath my makeup, I can get a lot of pore exaggeration and shine along my nose and T-zone, as well as concealer creasing or bunching under my eye. To combat this, I just fit the powder puff over my fingers using the built-in pocket and dip the velour side into some lightweight loose powder, then press it into my skin.

The teardrop shape is ideal for fitting around the contours of my face and providing a more precise application of product. I like that the result isn’t completely mattifying, but it does help to brighten the desired areas while also working to smooth the surface of the skin.

Additionally, I experience a lot foundation movement or separation throughout the day, especially in the warmer months or after instances when I reapply sunscreen. The buffing suede side really works to re-blend product and reduce surface oil so that product absorbs back into the skin and appears freshly applied. 

The brand also says that the Power Pocket Puff can be useful for chiseling cheekbones or contouring the face when used with powder bronzers and blush. Plus, the interchangeable finger band and inner pocket allow you to customize the way you apply makeup. 

This puff is as low-maintenance to care for as it is to use. After each use, I just wash it with warm water and a touch of dish soap, then work it in between my fingers until the water runs clear. Then I just let it air dry and it’s ready for the next time I need it. 

You can try this revamped take on a powder puff and also see what other people had to say about it’s filtering magic below.   

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