YouTube will no longer allow channels to hide the number of subscribers July 5, 2022 by Anil Patil

Next month YouTube will no longer accept that channels hide the number of subscribers. In addition, there will be a change in the platform’s comment system. Check out!

In an attempt to reduce comment spam and channel impersonation, YouTube is preparing a change. In approximately 1 month, channels will no longer be able to hide the number of subscribers. Additionally, content creators will now have an option called “increase strictness” which is based on the “withhold potentially inappropriate comments for review” feature.

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The purpose of the option to increase the rigidity in the comments automatically evaluated by the YouTube system is to decrease “useless” comments, which do not add anything to the user community of the video streaming service. The subscriber count is to avoid problems with users who create channels with names that are extremely similar to a channel in an attempt to impersonate the original content creator and gain subscribers. 

An example of this is MrḂeast (with a special character in place of the “B”), which has a channel of 100 thousand subscribers, against the original MrBeast (97.7 million subscribers).

YouTube takes action against people trying to create fake channels

In addition to making the number of channel subscribers appear mandatory on July 29, 2022, YouTube will decrease the character set that can be used in the name of a channel. In this way, a user will not be able to change the name to “¥orⓉube”, for example.

What do you think of these actions YouTube is taking in an attempt to make things fairer? Do you believe that this will improve the good coexistence in the streaming service?

When will the number of subscribers start showing on all YouTube channels?

On the 29th of July 2022 youtube will be start showing subscribers.

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