Eassymall Website Review (2023) Complaints


Eassymall is a online shopping website which allows users to buy electronics and fitness products online Eassymall website real or fake? Complaints and review, but before purchasing anything please read this article to get all the information about the eassymall website, we are also provide you some real or fake facts about this website along with eassymall review and users complaints. Full Review

Although you will get to see thousands of types of products on this website, but in this review we will discuss the important issue of this website like whether this website is real or fake and it is necessary to know about it before shopping from such website. Due to which neither our money is lost nor our time is wasted,

There are millions of such websites active on the Internet today that were created by robbing people and in which you are shown to buy products at low prices, causing many people to consider purchasing after seeing the low value of the goods.

Such Fake Shopping websites are created in which people are forced to buy goods by showing low prices, you get to see the advertisement of such website on Facebook, Instagram and other types of social media, through this advertisement, people are forced to buy their goods. Attract to website or app so that people can buy goods by visiting their website.

When it comes to EassyMall reviews, we discovered while searching the internet that people have to deliver incorrect goods and deceive customers by showing items at low prices.

Talking to the people who buy on this website, we have come to know that this website has been created through cheating people, in that many types of products like fitness electronics and makeup kits are being sold by showing them on the website at low prices and people who We are placing orders for this, they are getting wrong or defective goods. So that you should be careful and careful before buying anything on the Internet.

It is surprising that such a website is still online on which thousands of people are being fooled in the same way. Such websites should be banned on the internet till people are made to do online shopping at low prices by making such websites to cheat people.

Eassymall Complaints

If we talk about the complaints of eassymall, then there are many complaints available on the internet in which people have told that they have received defective or wrong products, and there is no way of refund.

They must have heard in front of thousands of people linked to cheating people online, and yet such evil people have the bravery to cheat the world with their second scheme. People are being tricked into making fraudulent purchases on the internet today under the guise of conducting online shopping.

If we take an item on the internet, somewhere we must read about its review or complaint and those who do not read, they waste their money and do research here and there, which is of no use, so any kind of item Before buying on the internet, it is necessary to do the research in which we come to know whether we should buy that item at that time or not.

Eassymall customer care

When we checked their support area, we found their postal address which is invalid and some other information that does not verify any kind of registered company, dissatisfied with the information when we looked at their contact form, which we got Did not get any response,

We have a list of people who are cheated and many people ask us to help them get their money back from this website, in which we are trying our best to alert as many people as possible,

What is the current customer care number?

Telephone – +91 – 9087966565

Before buying any kind of material on the Internet, you must know about it and if it is related to you in any way, then definitely share the information related to it with your nearest cyber cell.

After receiving the wrong type of product when people tried to connect with them through e-mail and contact switch for refund, they didn’t get their money back which proves that their customer care number and support is totally wrong. We do not confirm this, but the people who have been cheated have told that they have not yet received their money back nor did they get the right type of product.

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Eassycart order tracking

Some people are still searching easycart order tracking to track their order but sometimes you can’t reach the order page or there is a problem with your tracking id. Since such sites are completely counterfeit, you may not be able to get your order details until the order is completed.

Eassymall cash on delivery If we talk about cash on delivery on this website, then cash on delivery is also available on some products, but we do not confirm whether the order placed by you is right or wrong because most of the complaints are due to wrong products coming from people, Or by having cash on delivery, people have a belief that money will be given on receipt of the product but it can also be deceived.

Eassymall which country By the way, it is not always necessary that a fake company is only in India, when there are many such companies outside India that rob people by trapping them in their trap and are made to keep money from people.

Eassymall contact number By the way, whether the contact given on the website is right or wrong, only the people who buy it know that we do not confirm that the number shown on their website is right or wrong, as we have understood above about the customer care number.

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In the last lines, we come to know that most of the people who have made purchases on eassymall have been cheated and their money was refunded, not yet done,

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