Well Credit loan App Review And Details August 3, 2022 by Anil Patil

Well Credit is a Loan Platform for all mobile users. Well Credit is a loan product under NBFC-TRACK FIN-ED PVT LTD , TRACK FIN-ED PVT LTD is an NBFC officially registith the Reserve Bank of India,

According to Apps Description “NBFC A TRACK FIN-ED PVT LTD and Well Credit are important partners with the Well Credit brand. They are licensed by RBI.”

Well, Lets Read All about Well Credit loan App Here!

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About Well Credit loan App

What Well Credit loan App Mentioned in there App Details,

Kind of loans:
Home Loans
Personal Loans
Business Loans
Aadhar Card Loans
Cash Loans

Loan Amount: from 7,000 to 60,000 rupees;
Tenure: flexible tenure from 95 days to 365 days;
Annual Percentage Rate (APR) varies from 20% – 30.6%;
Service Fee: varies from 11% – 15%;
GST will be applicable only on the fee components as per Indian laws.

For example:
If your loan amount is 7000 rupees, the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 30.6%, the Loan Duration is 180 days, and the Processing fee is 11%, The details of other expenses are as follows:
Total Insterest: ₹7,000*30.6%(APR)*180/365= ₹1,056.33
Processing fees(PF) + GST: ₹7,000*11%+(₹7,000*11%)*18%= ₹908.6
In-Hand Amount: Loan Amount – (PF + GST) = ₹7,000- ₹908.6= ₹6,091.4
Total Repayable Amount: Loan Amount + Total Insterest = ₹7,000 + ₹1,056.33= ₹8,056.33

1. Age from 18 to 60
2. A source of monthly income.

How to apply for a loan in Well Credit?
1. Download Well Credit loan App from Play store;
2. Register an account;
3. Fill in the information as required and wait to get approved.
4. After you passed the audit, the money will transfer to the account you registered.

All information you submit is only used to review your loan eligibility and will not be used elsewhere.

Contact us
You can contact us by email: raghave06@gmail.com or WhatsApp Customer Service from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 18:00 pm!

Address: 8/1, Church Rd, Civi Lines, Cantt, Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, 284002, India.

Well Credit loan App Real Or Fake?

This is the most common questions about any loan app before getting the loan amount credited into your bank account, We have “Well Credit loan App” customer but we are not verify any reports from those peoples by their reports, before getting loan from any app or web, Make sure about their trustworthy regular users and reviews.

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