Top 20 Mobiles Under 5000 in india, Check Prices

Mobiles under 5000 in India

Cheap mobiles are always best for your regular needs, there is a growing demand for cheap mobile phone in India. The main reason is the increasing usage of mobile phones. As people use mobile phones, they need to buy new ones. They also want cheap mobile phone in India because they do not have enough money to buy new expensive ones.

There are many companies that sell cheap mobile phone in India. They usually make their products in China and sell them in India. The products that they sell are very cheap. They can be sold for as low as under 5000 in india. It is a great way to make some extra money if you do not have much money to spend on your phone bill each month. It will also help you save money when you need to buy new phones when your old one breaks down.

If you’re looking for a good mobile under 5,000 in India, be sure to check out our list of the best mobiles under 5000.

Mobiles under 5000 in india

A good mobile under 5,000 in India is a smartphone that offers high-end features along with low price. In addition to being affordable, a good mobile phone under 5,000 has a large screen and all the latest features. Here are the best 20 mobiles under 5,000 in India:

Mobile NamePrice
Jio Jiophone Next₹ 3,499
Jio Jiophone Next (3GB RAM + 32GB)₹ 4,499
I Kall K260₹ 4,462
Lava A1 Super 21₹ 1,199
Panasonic Eluga I6₹ 4,900
Energizer Energy E20₹ 1,499
Nokia 105 Single SIM (black)₹ 1,299
Nokia 105 Dual SIM (black)₹ 1,448
Nokia 105 Single SIM (blue)₹ 1,349
Nokia 5310 Dual SIM Feature Phone₹ 3,349
Nokia 110 Dual SIM (black)₹ 1,699
Nokia 105 Dual SIM (dark Blue)₹ 1,549
Nokia 5310 Dual SIM Feature Ph₹ 3,349
Nokia 105 Single SIM (pink)₹ 1,499
Lava A5 (gold)₹ 1,409
Lava A1 Josh (white)₹ 1,050
Nokia 110 4g₹ 2,699
Nokia 150 (2020) (cyan)₹ 2,499
Lava Flip, Blue₹ 1,699
Nokia 215 4g Dual SIM 4g Phone With Long Battery Life₹ 3,249

Because most people in India use a feature phone and not a smartphone, there is a huge demand for cheap mobile phones under 5000. The market responds by producing phones at prices that are affordable to the average customer. These two factors combined make these mobile phones great options for anyone looking to buy a new phone in India.

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