Mahindra Scorpio Classic reduced the price from ₹ 3 lakh !! Check details

Mahindra Scorpio Classic
Mahindra Scorpio Classic

Mahindra is trending in the news for the last 2 weeks. So, the price of Scorpio Classic has been unveiled by Mahindra. And Mahindra has already given huge discounts on its price.

The sale of this car will also be good. And there will be a huge waiting on it than before.
Let me explain it to you.

When its teasers were launched, That the price of this car will be reduced by Rs 2-3 lakh as compared to earlier. Only then its sales will increase.

Or it will be sold in good amount in the Indian market.

I think Mahindra is about to reduce the price of this car by Rs.2-3 lakhs. And that holy 69 will come.

It will cross Carversal soon. And we’ll be ashamed of it. So, now I’ll tell you the price of Scorpio Classic. But before that, I have some terms and conditions.

My 1st term is that you don’t have to cancel your booking of Scorpio N.
2nd term is that you’ve to comment your view on,

Whether Scorpio Classic is value for money or waiting for Scorpio N?

In which you’ll find black bumpers with some average features.
Only you’ll get the car.
In which the variant of Scorpio Classic S is the same as the variant of Scorpio S3 plus.
In which you’ll find the same features.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>The Mahindra Scorpio Classic has been launched in India; Prices start at Rs 11.99 lakh (Introductory ex-showroom). The Scorpio Classic is being retailed in two variants- S3 and S11. <a href=”″></a></p>&mdash; Siddhivinayak Motors Pvt. Ltd. (@Siddhiv25585939) <a href=””>August 25, 2022</a></blockquote> <script async src=”” charset=”utf-8″></script>

As well as paying such a huge price for it. Is it value for money to you?

So, as you know that Scorpio Classic is available in 2 different variants.
Which are Scorpio Classic S and Scorpio Classic S 11. I have already made a video on this and you must have seen it.

So, the Classic S is the base model of Scorpio Classic.

You will see the difference in its looks, logo and name only.
The price of the older version of the Scorpio S3 plus variant was Rs.13.54 Lakh ex-showroom India.

And people were ready to pay this amount and this car was selling well.
But guys, the price of Scorpio Classic S is Rs.11.99 Lakh ex-showroom India.
Which is Rs 1.55 lakh less than the price of the old version Scorpio.
But now you’ll find the new Grille, Logo, engine, and better efficiency in this car.
So, it makes some sense.

At the same time, the price of the base model of Scorpio N starts at Rs 11.99 lakh.
But you’ll find the petrol option at this price.

Whereas, you will have to pay Rs 12.99 lakh for its diesel engine. So, this car is Rs.50K cheaper than it too. And it can be said that in a span of few days,

The price of the smaller variant of the old version Scorpio has been reduced by Rs 1.5 lakh. And by including all the taxes, it is around Rs.1.8 lakh.

So, you’re getting the discount of Rs.1.8 lakhs directly.

Through which, you can upgrade your car by putting in some extra accessories.
And your car will look very astonished by it.

But guys, you’ll find the real discount in the version of Scorpio S11.
In which the price of the older version of Scorpio S11 was Rs.18.62 lakh ex-showroom India.

Which was very overpriced

Because the price of its top model was Rs.22 lakh on road.
In which it was a very old car without any sufficient features.
But then Mahindra used some strategy.

And now the price of Scorpio Classic S11 is Rs.15.49 lakh ex-showroom India.
So, directly Mahindra has reduced the price by Rs.3.13 Lakh for the top-end specs of this car.
In the case of on-road, its price has been reduced by Rs 3.70 lakh compared to its old version.

In which you’ll find the new looks, new alloy, and new grille in the car.

  • You’ll find a new Finish in its interior.
  • You’ll find the new touch Screen display.
  • You’ll find a new engine with better efficiency.
  • It is the deal of the century

In which the car has been upgraded but its price has been reduced.
So, it makes sense.

So, this is the story of its price reduction.

And now I’m thinking that if I’ve a budget of Rs.18 lakh, Then I won’t get Scorpio N due its waiting period is very long. Then the chances of an average consumer buying this Scorpio Classic are very high.
Because you’ll find all the features including the torque Scorpio. So, you should buy this car instead of waiting 8-10 months. And take the fun of this car.

And you’re getting a discount of Rs.3 lakh

You can upgrade it with 22-inch of alloys with that money.

And guys, I’ve introduced a new deal related to Scorpio for Carversal Pros.
Its name is Scorpio 69.

In which if you’ll pay me Rs.36 lakh then I’ll give you the top model of Scorpio Classic.
And you’ll be happy with it.

And now the question is, why have I named this deal as Scorpio 69?
Whereas, I’ll charge Rs.36 lakh to you.
So, the reason is that this deal is only valid for the 1st 69 customers.
So, you’ve to enrol very fast to take this deal.
So, I am giving you 2 top-end specs of Scorpio at the cost of one Fortuner. And if you’ll click over here then you’ll know in detail that,

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