iPhone 14 Launched Satellite connectivity: users will be able to send calls and messages even without cellular coverage

satellite connectivity in the iPhone-14
satellite connectivity in the iPhone-14

Apple’s ‘Far Out’ event is scheduled to take place on September 7. In this the iPhone-14 series will be launched. Many reports and leaks are coming out about its feature. In such a situation, it is being claimed in a new report that satellite connectivity is going to be available in iPhone-14.

With this help, users will be able to send calls and messages even without cellular coverage. Especially in times of emergency, this feature will be very helpful for the customers. Under this, Apple can provide ‘Emergency Message Via Contacts’ feature in its devices, with the help of which users will be able to seek help from emergency services even when there is no cellular network.

Information about satellite connectivity in the iPhone-14 has been shared by Tim Farrar, a satellite communication advisor of a US-based company, on his Twitter account

Satellite Communications Advisor Tim Farrar has shared
this information on his Twitter account by Satellite Communications Advisor Tim Farrar of a US-based company. On August 25, Elon Musk’s SpaceX and T-Mobile came together in an effort to connect mobile devices to a network of satellites to provide better connectivity even in villages and towns.

How to get satellite connection
Powerful hardware will be required to use the satellite network. Along with this, the cost of this is also high. However, the satellite communication feature will have some limitations. For example, it may take up to a minute or two to get the signal sent from it.

You will need to be under the open sky for the LEO satellite communication feature to function properly. With this feature, you will be able to send short emergency texts and SOS distress signals.

Globalstar Acquires 17 Satellites for Satellite Connectivity
Farrar estimates that T-Mobile and SpaceX’s satellites have been taken in view of the iPhone 14’s satellite connectivity feature. Apple is offering this feature in partnership with Globestar, a leading US satellite company. Earlier this year, Globalstar announced that it has acquired 17 satellites to provide satellite connectivity to its customers.

The report of satellite connectivity has also come in April.
Interestingly, this is not the first time that satellite connectivity has come up in conversations about Apple’s innovations for the iPhone 14 series. In April also, there have been reports of satellite connectivity in the iPhone 14.

Well-known tech journalist Mark Gurman had said that iPhone 14 users will be able to connect to satellite networks during emergencies in remote areas. This feature is expected to be launched on the iPhone 13 first. Several reports have revealed that the iPhone 14 will offer an emergency option that will allow users to share a short message when there is no cellular service.

Can common person in India buy satellite phone?
Common man can buy satellite phone in India. You can buy Inmarsat iSatphone 2 for around Rs 70,000. For non-government users, the bill for incoming and outgoing calls is Rs 35/minute and roaming calls cost Rs 260/minute.

Licensing process for satellite phones
For such phones, users will have to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC). For this, a specified application format ( Annexure-A and Annexure-1 ) has to be sent to the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) by filling in the details like name, address . If you get permission from here, you can use satellite phone.

What are the rules regarding satellite phones in India

  • According to the advisory of the Government of India, the use of Thuraya/Iridium satellite phones in India is prohibited under Section 6 of the Indian Wireless Act and Section 20 of the Indian Telegraph Act.
  • If visitors or tourists coming to India use satellite phones, then they will have to inform the Indian government. Permission and license to operate it will also have to be obtained. Failure to do so may result in legal action being taken against them.
  • Anyone found in India with an unauthorized satellite phone can be prosecuted according to Indian law. All unauthorized handsets held by that person will be confiscated by the Indian law enforcement agencies.
  • All tourists and visitors to India are advised to comply with Indian law and not to bring or use a satellite phone if they have any.

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