How to Turn Off Carousel Wallpaper on Xiaomi Phones November 7, 2022 by Anil Patil

Users of the latest Xiaomi smartphones or cellphones are definitely familiar with a feature called Wallpaper Carousel. This feature creates a background image, or wallpaper on the Lock Screen page or when the locked screen keeps changing itself.

At first glance, this feature actually makes Xiaomi phones look cool, but there are some users who don’t like it. The reason is because they have chosen their own preferred wallpaper for the lock screen.

The good news is that Xiaomi does not force all users to use the wallpaper carousel feature. So this feature can be disabled or turned off, but how?

How to Turn Off Carousel Wallpaper

1. Go to the Settings menu
2. Then find and select the menu that says Always-on Display & Lock Screen
3. Here you will find a menu that says Wallpaper Carousel at the bottom, select that feature
4. You will see a slide or toggle button that says Turn On, press the button so that the mode turns off.

Congratulations, the Wallpaper Carousel feature is now disabled. However, on the Lock Screen page there will still be an icon to reactivate this menu. In our experience, we often accidentally press it when holding the cellphone in a trouser pocket or bag.

If the Wallpaper Carousel feature accidentally reactivates, then just do the steps above again. Although this feature is default on every Xiaomi cellphone, it is reported that Wallpaper Carousel can be permanently deleted.

Many cellphone users want to choose their own wallpaper for the Lock Screen and Home Screen, ranging from selfies, photos of loved ones, to hobbies or something they like. This makes the Wallpaper Carousel feature less desirable.

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