Jitendra kumar mishra cought sexual activities with women video viral on social media

jitendra kumar mishra judge viral
jitendra kumar mishra judge viral

Jitendra Kumar Mishra’s viral video is now trending on the internet, and people are shocked after watching Jitendra Kumar Mishra’s sexual activities in his office. According to the news sources, this video has gone viral and was captured by their security camera.

About Jitendra Kumar Mishra

Jitendra Kumar Mishra currently holds the title of judge, however it is abundantly evident from the video that he is acting inappropriately by dragging a woman close to him in an offensive way.

This video is getting a lot of traction across various social media platforms. Whoever is seeing this video is raising a lot of concerns and pointing the finger at a judge who is presiding over the case.

Nowadays such news is becoming very viral in India, people are seen sharing thousands of questions on social media and doing many kinds of things.

jitendra kumar mishra judge viral

Such people who have not only polluted the society but are bent upon hollowing out the law of India as well, due to which the law in India is also getting defamed.

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People begin to lose faith in the law in society when these wrongdoings are committed and the perpetrators of these crimes are the ones enforcing the law.

The fact that Jitendra Kumar Mishra, a judge, was involved in an inappropriate relationship with a lady while creating and carrying out the acts in this viral film on social media, surprised those who believe in the rule of law.

Jitendra Kumar Mishra video on social media

After good thousands of views on this types of radio in India, you can imagine that Jitendra Kumar Mishra viral video download links are spreading to the adult sites. We are not sure about this but Jitendra Kumar Mishra is not only on social media but also trending on sites where people are searching for download this file video.

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