How to pay car tax online with samolnas app

Paying vehicle tax is sometimes something that many people are lazy to do because they are lazy to queue. However, this is no longer an excuse because the government has provided a way to pay car taxes online

As we all know, the government has now opened an online vehicle tax payment service. So for that, you need to know how to pay car tax online easily so you don’t have to queue at the Samsat or follow the itinerary of the Samsat.

Acquaintance with Samolnas

Samolnas (National Online One-Stop Manunggal Administration System) is a platform created by the government in the form of an application whose function and purpose is to facilitate payments from the public nationally. Previously online tax payments could only be made regionally.

Now since the launch of the Samolnas application, payments can be made on a national scale. So if you are out of town and happen to be running out of car tax, you can make payments right away without having to go back to the area.

Whether it’s motor vehicle tax payments or PKB and Traffic Accident Fund Contributions (SWDKLLJ) can be made through this application. The creation of Samolnas based on Law Number 22 of 2009 concerning Road Traffic and Transportation.

Now, for how to pay car tax online through Samolnas itself, you can start by going to the menus that have been provided. Some of the menus available in this application are Registration, to register and determine taxes and get a payment code.

There is also a Process info menu where you can know up to where the process is currently running. If you want to know the tax amount, you can choose the Tax Info menu. When you have finished paying, you can select the e-TBPKB menu to see proof of payment.

STNK management can also be done through e-STNK endorsement. You can also provide complaints, criticisms and suggestions in the Complaints menu. If something is still unclear about the application, you can select the Guide menu.

You can download Samolnas for free onto your smartphone and the tax payment process can be done at any time. Now there is no reason to be late paying car taxes because you are lazy to queue.

Terms of Paying Car Tax Online

Just downloading the app is not enough to process your annual car tax payment. How to pay car tax online starts with completing the required requirements, as follows:

1. Download the Samolnas Application

The first condition is that you must have the Samolnas application first. It is enough to download it to your smartphone for free through the Play Store or App Store. You also don’t need to create an account or login.

2. Finding Out the Chassis Number

One important requirement is to know what the vehicle frame number is. Each car is in a different place, such as under the front seat. There are also those in the chassis. You must record the frame number of the vehicle because it will become a requirement during registration later.

3. NIK in accordance with STNK

The advantage of using Samolnas is that you don’t need to show your original KTP because all you need is a NIK that is the same as the owner’s name on the STNK. So if your car hasn’t been renamed yet, then using the Samolnas application is an effective way. It’s very different if you have to use brokers who will charge more because you don’t have an original KTP.

4. Don’t Forget to Prepare the Fee

You also have to prepare annual tax fees that will be paid later. So, in the Samolnas application, you can check how much the tax fee is as well as fines, if any. You do this by entering the Tax Info menu then entering the police / NKRB and NIK numbers.

Then you will immediately see how much tax you have to prepare. Apart from going through the application, you can also enter the E-Samsat link according to the area where the vehicle registration certificate was issued.

How to Pay Car Taxes Online Easily

Paying car taxes online is the right solution for those of you who are very busy. The payment process is easy and fast, so you don’t have to go back and forth to Samsat or queue. As long as all the requirements have been prepared, then you can follow the following steps.

1. Sign up for Salmonas

The first step in how to pay car tax online in the Salmonas application is to register first. You need to register information from a vehicle whose annual tax is running low, not create an account.

For the registration process, just select the available Registration menu. Then a form will appear that must be filled out. Type NKRB or Police Number, NIK, Vehicle Frame Number, Mobile Number and also your email.

Check once again whether the data filled in is correct so that the registration will be processed immediately. After checking and correct, you can click Continue to go to the next step.

2. Get the Pay Code

In the next stage the application will process and if the data is correct, then you will get a payment code. This code has a unique shape that will be used as a tax payment transaction tool.

If the payment code appears, you can choose a payment method. You can choose transfer payments at ATMs, Alfamart, Indomaret, marketplaces, or e-banking. Keep in mind that the pay code you get is only valid for two hours.

So it will be better after getting the pay code you pay immediately. If not, then you have to restart the process from registration.

3. Make Payments

It’s time to pay taxes according to the nominal that has been set. If you choose to pay at a minimarket such as Alfamart or Indomaret, an admin fee of approximately Rp. 5,000,-.

When paying through an ATM, don’t forget to pay attention to the payment code so you don’t make a mistake. Make sure you enter the correct code, otherwise the payment will be declined.

4. Checking the Process and Proof of Payment

The next step is to re-enter the application and check the Process Info menu. Then you will see if the tax has been paid. If so, the paid status will appear. Then you have to check whether there is proof of payment in pdf format in the form of e-TBPKB. You will also get an email validating the STNK which is valid for 30 days.

5. Delivery of Physical TBPKB

STNK will be sent to your address

Physical proof of validation of the STNK that has been extended will be sent to the address that you entered directly. Delivery usually takes up to 7 days, so you just have to wait.

Isn’t it very easy to pay car tax online through Samolnas? You can immediately check now whether you have paid the annual car tax at home. If not, download the application immediately and don’t be late paying taxes.

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