5 Make Up Trends That You Can’t Use Anymore in 2023

5 Make Up Trends That You Can't Use Anymore in 2023
5 Make Up Trends That You Can't Use Anymore in 2023

It’s a lot of fun to follow the beauty and cosmetics industry. Additionally, whatever trends are fashionable now might not be so popular the next year.

However, once the general populace begins testing and embracing new concepts, keep on adapting. The ability of cosmetics to radically alter your appearance by bringing out your greatest features is a crucial aspect, though.

For instance, the appropriate quantity of mascara can give the appearance of longer lashes. With the appropriate eyebrows and the right lipstick, you can appear great and possibly gain confidence.

Here are five fashion trends that, starting with Glam, are predicted to become “obsolete” by 2023.

Eyeshadow glitter

Even though shimmer eyeshadows were trendy for a while, you won’t need to utilise them in the upcoming year. According to Beauty Bay, glitter eyeshadow is frequently thought to be suitable for major events like Christmas, major celebrations, or visits to festivals, but it’s not a smart option for regular usage.

Therefore, even though it appears dazzling and special, completely covering your eyelids in glitter will not be in style until 2022.

Technicolor mascara

Technicolor mascara is the upcoming cosmetics craze. In the past, having eyelashes that were blue, purple, green, or another hue would make you look incredibly cool. But these days, it makes more sense to use simply plain black mascara or no mascara at all to make your lashes look more natural. Additionally, according to VSP Vision Care, mascara is frequently challenging to remove due to its sticky texture.

Lip illusion

Lip lining is used to give the appearance that your lips are much larger than they actually are. Many people are motivated to begin doing this after viewing one or more makeup tutorials by famous Kylie Jenner. Millions of people have been inspired to imitate her by using her makeup advice. If you want to display more luscious lips than usual, the L’Oreal Paris cosmetic experts advise over-lining your lips.

Too much highlighter

At the height of their popularity in 2018, 2019, and 2020, almost everyone wore a lot of highlighter on their chin, nose, cheekbones, and forehead. Everyone is interested in joining thanks to the countless TikTok tutorials from beauty influencers showing how to use various highlighter brands.

But in 2023, overusing highlighter is out of fashion. One of the major drawbacks of highlighter is that it frequently makes people appear sweaty and dripping, rather than giving them a dewy shine.

Fake freckles

The artificial freckles fad has unquestionably passed. According to Coveteur, the viral TikTok videos that were initially created to promote self-expression and individuality have contributed to the rise in popularity of artificial freckles. According to Maybelline New York, to get the effect, people lightly draw on faux freckles with a brown eyeliner pencil, apply blush, and then blend everything together to soften the look and make it appear more natural.

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Since people who were not born with freckles never needed to pretend to have them, the artificial freckles trend is really no longer seen as being as appealing or impressive in 2023. However, it makes more sense for those who are born with freckles to proudly display them. Those without freckles from birth can concentrate on whatever attractive face features they currently have, such as symmetrical eyes, a wide nose, angled eyebrows, and dimples.

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