7 Pixie Cuts That Will Be Trending in 2023

Women with pixie haircuts have very short hair that is cut near to the skull and face. This slightly boyish haircut is typically worn by tomboyish girls, yet it’s simple to wash and style thanks to the short length.

A pixie usually has a short, sharp cut that is left for a unique, intriguing style. Portion people opt to let some of their hair grow out so that it can be styled as usual with a clip or tie.

pixie haircut korean

Most often, this cut is also worn sharply to the side or back; nevertheless, some people choose to wear bangs with a pixie cut in the front. Rarely do these bangs have a blunt front and are straight across with a tapering side to match the rest of the cut.

The following is a list of pixie cuts that predicts will be popular in 2023:

1. Asymmetrical pixie with an undercut

Use an asymmetrical pixie undercut if your upbeat personality needs more appeal than an imbalanced body can offer. Maintain a trim beard and keep everyone’s attention on you.

2. Pixie with side shave

korean pixie cut with layers

The ability to create any silhouette and body type you desire is the nicest thing about the pixie cut notion. And this side is only the beginning of the clean-shaven area. If you wish to adopt this cut style, be mindful of the ideal left or right angle of your face. The best side shave is on the left side if it is left, and vice versa.

3. Tense Textured Pixie

Don’t forget to play with with texture while fusing the pixie with the undercut. The neatness of the fantastic sides will be improved by a few light wavy layers on top.

4. Pixie with long bangs

Another example of a distinctive style is these long bangs and pixie undercut. While the traditional long pixie adds a lot of volume to hair, this undercut pixie adds volume all around. a fresh definition A body that frames a highly appealing face is formed by smooth, flat sides that grow into an extremely long pixie.

5. Long Shag Pixie Dengan Undercut

Why not make your outfit a little more chaotic? Then watch as your pixie steals the spotlight with her two tight sides and sticking locks.

6. Pixie bob dengan undercut

Why don’t you modernise the feminine pixie bob even further? This pixie bob alters the overall appearance, yet it still has a lot of feminine undertones.

7. Pixie wavy

Once you have the pixie undercut, everyone’s favourite wavy haircut will also be revealed from a fresh angle. A distinctive yet very attractive haircut is soft, uncomplicated waves that fall on clean, sassy ends. Using a hair curler or naturally occurring waves

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