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Indore Mandi Market witnesses sharp increase in wheat prices

indore mandi bhav 2023

Indore Mandi Bhav: Indore (Madhya Pradesh). A tremendous jump is being seen in the prices of wheat. Mill quality wheat was sold for Rs 2800 and Lokvan for Rs 3000 a quintal in the mandi on Wednesday. Actually farmers and stockists have no wheat left. In such a situation, there is only 300-400 bags of arrival in the market. The plant is forced to buy at arbitrary prices. Earlier it was expected that the arrivals would increase after the completion of sowing but the estimate turned out to be wrong. At present, the sale of flour mills is limited, if consumer demand increases further, a rise will be seen in the prices of flour and flour products.

Mill quality 2750-2800, Poorna 2900-2950, Lokvan 2975-3000, Malvaraj Rs 2600-2650 and Maize 2250 to 2275 quintal. Plant Maize price Rs 2280.

In addition to wheat, the Indore Mandi Bhav also reported on the prices of other commodities such as flour and maida. The rates for atta, maida, rava and gram flour were reported as follows: Atta 1530 to 1550, maida 1580 to 1600, rava 1600 to 1620 and gram flour Rs 3150 per katta.

Inauguration of new huge gram in Dhamnod

On the other hand, in Dhamnod of Dhar district, the arrival of new huge gram of Rabi season started. There were 10 sacks inward. Sold at Rs 5505 per quintal in Muhurta. On the other hand, the buying of chickpeas by the exporters has started decreasing at higher prices, while the prices of chickpeas in containers declined due to selling of profit booking in the mandis. On Wednesday, Kabuli chana broke down to Rs 300 per quintal in containers. There has been a fall of about Rs 400 in two days. Traders say that this time the sowing of chickpea has been more as compared to last year and at present the crop is showing signs of good profit due to cool weather.

In such a situation, the possibility of production being more than last year cannot be ruled out. Dollar gram in container (40-42) 14500, (42-44) 14300, (44-46) 14100, (58-60) 12700, (60-62) 12600, (62-64) 12500 and in Cantonment Grain Market Kabuli gram was quoted up to Rs 13000-14000 per quintal. The business in Chana fork is also extremely sluggish due to which Chana fork remained stable at Rs.5050-5075 per quintal.

There was partial improvement in the prices of lentils due to limited inquiries at lower prices and less arrivals. Lentil increased to Rs 6100 per quintal. On the other hand, the arrival of new Tuvar Dal of some brands has started in Madhya Pradesh, the price of White Rose Dal was opened at Rs 11,200 per quintal in the auspicious time. This year, the production of desi tur is likely to decrease, due to which the future of tur and tur dal is not visible for a long recession.

Price of pulses in indore

Due to the rise in the prices of moong for the last two days, the millers have increased the prices of moong dal by Rs 50 on Wednesday. Tuvar Maharashtra White 7200-7400, Karnataka Tuvar 7400-7600, Nimari Tuvar 6000-7000, Moong 7000-7400, Average 6200-6800, Barish ki Moong Rs 6800-7500 per quint.

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