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Kedarnath is a Hindi romantic drama film directed by Abhishek Kapoor and he has also written the story of this film, yet you are going to be seen in the lead role of Sushant Singh Rajput and Saif Ali Khan’s daughter i.e. Sara from this film. Nikhar is going to make his Bollywood debut.

If the storyline of the movie than the movie is the story of Mansoor and Mandakini that is Mansoor i.e. Sushant Singh Rajput, which is Pintu, that is, those people who come to Kedarnath to visit or do many pilgrimages, then those people helps them. They pick up their belongings and take them to pilgrimage and in return, they take some money from them.

Now Mansoor i.e. Sushant Singh Rajput is an innocent character who is very good at heart and even though he has a lot of money, still the money he gets from the passengers, he spends on those passengers only.

Kedarnath Full Hindi Movie Download 720p Filmyhit

Now one day Mansoor falls in love with Mandakini who is Pandit’s girl whose marriage is already fixed. Now you all must know what happens when Hindu, Muslim boys and girls love in films. So the same thing happened in this film too. Does he accept the love of the society or not and whether one’s love story can have a happy ending or not or if it is going to be seen in the next and the end story, then he talked so much that the storyline has just started.

Read the talk of some plus points, so the first plus point in this is the acting of Swarna Sushant Singh Rajput. In this also, if anyone is seen acting, then he is Shisha Sikh.

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However, in the first half of the film, he appears with his role from a slightly uncut festival. He is trying to play that role. However, in the second half, he single-handedly handled Mann’s department. The next plus point of the film is the climax of this film. Let us tell you that I watched this film with absolutely zero expectations.

I knew as soon as I saw this film, till I came to know from the spelling and poster, only love, love and love are going to be shown in this film.

kedarnath full movie download filmywap
kedarnath full movie download filmywap

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After seeing the way the cloud bursts in the last 15 to 20 minutes of the climax of the film, as happened in Kedarnath, the only thought that comes to mind is that I wish that thing had happened much earlier and a little more. It would have been shown in school that if you change the fate, then the way the faith of destruction has been shown in the last 15-20 minutes, it is really very good and somewhere it seems that if there was a more sweet focus in this thing. This film could have been very good. The cars of the next and last placement of clouds are fine.

Some of the songs are very good like the samples and know some situations from the movie Sara Sona. According to some scenes, they look very good, after many, they talk only about some plus points in the movie and the first minus point of the few months of the movie, the first half of the movie is the first half of the movie.

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It is more boring than ever where Sushant Singh Rajput tries his best to play his role in the first half of the film, while in Swift, Sara Ali Khan is seen acting too much in the first half. The film has shown her a cool girl that she is not going to have any serious role right now. But in the first half of this film, there is a match between India and Pakistan in a scene and she shows that scene there as well.

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The way Hua plays, you are overacting so much that don’t ask. However, in the second half of this field, both of them have handled their role well according to their ability. Abhishek Kapoor, the director of the film, did not know why in today’s time the audience would like to see the same film where a Hindu Muslim boy and girl are in love, then people try to remove them, etc. I still don’t understand this.

Friends of all religions, if they had paid more attention to the disaster in Kedarnath from the beginning of this film while running this love story side money in this film. How did that thing happen, how did that accident happen? A film would have been made after doing good research on why that disaster happened.

  • Release date On – 7 December 2018
  • Director By – Abhishek Kapoor
  • Music Director By – Score Hitesh Sonik, Songs, Amit Trivedi
  • Box office: 120.64 crores INR

How people got in trouble there, how people were helped. If more attention had been paid to the people who had helped, then this film would have become of a different level, which is not the case again because it is very difficult to find the story of this film with a love story. How Sushant Singh Rajput falls in love with Sara Ali Khan in this movie.

That thing has not been shown at all, it is just a love story film, so if you had to fall in love with this film, then it happens that on the one hand, the very good thing is the length of the suit which is very short.

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