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Season 2 of Mirzapur was released on 22 October 2020 and I saw this series in 1 day. public are searching for mirzapur season 2 download quora, telegram channel link. Mirzapur Season 2 Leaked by filmyzilla on-line If I have to describe the first season in one word, I will call it directionless. In which there was no story at all, totally a headache. mirzapur 2 full movie download filmyhit , filmy4web , filmywap and movierulz website.


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The first season gave me a headache, but the funniest dialogues, the violations, the sexual content. For that reason the first season was liked by some people. So with little expectation I started watching its second season.

But from the standpoint of storytelling by surprise, I found the second season to be better than before. Although I do not agree with the social portrayal in it, if we look at it from the storytelling and technical point of view, the seconds are much better than the first season.

And keeps us with him till the end, at least he does not give any headache at all. Its second season feels like an epic historical period drama in the West, where two kingdoms fight, struggle for power, people are thirsty for each other’s blood for power. Murder, lust, revenge betrayal, conspiracy etc. are shown.

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Its story is based on the present times. The only difference is that the story of the second season starts just after the first season. Both Guddu and Golu want revenge.

Here Munna Tripathi also wants to kill them both and together and still raring to get the throne of King of Mirzapur as before. The Kaalin bhaiya who is the father of Guddu Bhaiya is still ahead of Mirzapur. Increasingly, they are trying to gain power in the entire UP.

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The son of Ravi Shankar, who is the Bahubali of Jaunpur, his son Sharad Shukla and Vina Bhabhi who is the wife of Kaalin Bhaiya, both of them are engaged in peacefully hollowing out the kingdom of Mirzapur.

Apart from this, Dada Tyagi, a Bahubali from Bihar and his two twin sons have also been identified in second season. I found these three characters interesting. Apart from this, Ramakant Pandit, the father of Guddu Pandit, is still trying to get justice in a just manner.

Almost all the characters shown in this series are corrupt. Somewhere their dark side has been shown to us. Someone is hungry for power, someone is abusive, if there is no family value, someone is egoistic, someone is an alcoholic, and some believes in caste, then one keeps their children under pressure. Or some work has been blinded by lust, some is sleeping with step mother, some is sleeping with servant, some is raping daughter-in-law, then some is everyday of new women Sleeping together All such characters are shown in this series.

Mirzapur Season 2 Characters And Cast

There are 3 or 4 characters in the entire series, which are completely different from all of them. They are written in a completely different way from all these characters.

This character is loyal, conscientious of Jamir, is very reticent, soft-spoken, sweet-spoken, speaks little, speaks in very civilized language, tolerates injustice, and has family values. These are the characters of this type.

Tell us which of these 3 or 4 characters, they are very predictable characters. If you have seen the content of Bollywood, then it will not be difficult for you to identify these characters at all.

Maqbool Khan

The first character is Maqbool Khan’s very quiet, loyal Jamir’s firm, soft-spoken, family worrier, the owner’s scolding, abusive and tolerant of everything, even if the owner calls him eunuch.. Although the owner Kaalin Bhaiya himself is an eunuch.

He himself is shown as a eunuch in this series. But why not tell such owner Maqbool Khan to be eunuch. in front of the people, but still his character has been shown to be so loyal to all the owner’s scolding, abusive abuses and silently tolerating insults.

But when it comes to his family, he goes quietly to take revenge in a very civilized manner. This type of character is shown in Maqbool Khan’s series.


The second character is Maqbool Khan’s nephew Babar. He has also been shown exactly like Maqbool Khan. He is also loyal to his boss and till the end he supports his boss.


After this, the third character is Shabnam’s father, Lala, who calls himself a businessman. In a scene, Lala says that we are businessmen and not goons.

After this, Guddu says that he must have wanted to take revenge. On this, Lala says that i am in love with my daughter Shabnam, so we did not go to die or be killed, which is the nature of your people. Apart from this, Lala has been shown very civilly in the series, doing business of opium keeping her business silently. But despite being an opium trader, he has been shown to be open-minded.

The family’s concern is shown in the series. It is so open-minded, so liberal is Lala’s character that she is ready with an open mind to marry her daughter to a Hindu.

Guddu Pandit asks Lala in a scene if your daughter cannot have a relationship elsewhere? So Lala says she can make, she can. If you leave the feeling of revenge, then I will give you my daughter’s hand in your hands.

Tell me so much Liberal, so sweet-spoken, so civilly speaking, so much family man, someone else in this series.

Imran Alam

After this, the fourth character is Emraan Alam. That is, the same married uncle, when everyone refuses to testify against Munna Tripathi, then a very brave and proud self-proclaimed Imran Alam comes out.

They just end up abusing Munna Tripathi for self-respect. So these four characters seemed to me to be a little different from everyone else, so if I did them separately, all these are the characters of Mirzapur.

The second season does not have the same voltage as the first season, but the production value and budget were higher than the second season. The second season keeps us together till the end.

But all the characters were excellent. Everyone has given justice to themselves, whether to watch this series or not. It is not necessary to tell that people have overstated it, so almost all of them must have seen it so far.

I will give the second season of Mirzapur 5 stars out of 10. If you have seen this series, then tell me about your experience with this web series by commenting.

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