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This is probably Ratna Singh Rajan’s first film to come in marriage. If I say something about this film in one line, then this film touches our emotions but due to these logical scripts, it does not sit in our mind. Getting it done is a very different love story. Revenge drama has also been shown here along with Log Story and this is what I liked very much about this film.

It gives a different satisfaction to the film in many places and that is why you sincerely wish that this film should have become better. Now let me tell you where do you think the fault of this film is a mountain.

Actor Rajkummar Rao is shown as a chocolate boy in the first half of the film. Meaning that every girl’s dreams are like a prince or not exactly the same way Rajkumar Rao was shown in the first half of the film, whose name is Satyendra, Sattu Kirti Kharbanda, who is playing RK Napa, Aarti calls him Sattu.

Sattu and Aarti have a love story. Now see that both of them meet each other through an arranged marriage.

Before marriage, there is a lot of love between them because of Satyendra’s which is written in such a lovely way that not everyone will fall in love with any girl and her. But on the night before the wedding day, Aarti leaves the wedding and runs away. Now after this I am a little bit everything.

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Aarti clears the UK coin and her sister instigates her and will be her spirits like me as she wastes her life and runs away from Yog Bhag Joshi who by doing so bans her from marrying her own elder sister.

Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana Full Hindi Movie Download 2017

Now watch this scene, the main turning point of this film. From this, this film changes from a love story to a revenge drama, but this scene seems most logical to us because the character of Aarti showed very smart but despite being so intelligent, how did she leave the marriage a day before the wedding? It does not seem in our mind that her loving husband, Satyendra, who has raised himself, will let you do a job after marriage.

But when she learns from her sister that her mother-in-law doesn’t want her to take up the job. With such a thing, she runs away after betraying Satyendra, who loves her so much.

We can not believe this scene now, behind this some strong should have been shown to them. As if Satyendra’s family had asked for 25 lakh dowry from him, even if he had run away, we could have believed that scene. But if the doctor has failed a bit here and he could not make that scene in such a way that the audience could believe in him.

Apart from this, one more thing struck me in this that the family of Satyendra, they get a dowry of 25 lakh rupees from Aarti’s family. But anywhere in this film, there was no opposition to it. The new Satyendra opposes him, we wish with every heart Satyendra is shown such a cute character.

Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana Movie Online Watch Foumovies

By the end of the film, he is shown to be very loyal and has written that character in a very good way by taking his principles about his love and I did see chart kaya he should oppose his parents. He said something against dowry but he does not say anything anywhere in this pick and that is why now there is a holding side for a revenge drama.

She should be very good and there should be a lot only then we enjoy watching that revenge drama but here it has happened that the fault of both the families keeps us on you.

Due to taking dowry, Satyendra’s family also seems to be at fault and Aarti’s family seems to be at fault. We cannot say not of Aarti’s family, but Aarti’s fault would certainly have seemed that if she had left such a loving husband and had run away, she would have been able to be anyone.

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If girls watch this film then they will think from Aarti’s side and if girls watch this film then they will think from Satyendra’s side. If a neutral person wants to watch this film, then we get confused that from whom should we watch this film. Although Satendra’s granddaughter is well written, so let’s go East in the original for now.

Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana Mp4 Movie Download 720p

In the second half of the film, but that turning point should have been shown to him in a good way, as if he could make the audience believe more and go over the twist, now the twister turning point does not bore you much. If he omitted one thing which was the turning point at the time of the interval but showed me as much as I told you, then the film is really very good, after the interval, there is a lot of change in Rajkumar Rao centered way.

He starts taking revenge and I really enjoyed watching him after the interval. Meaning at that time we feel that when the person who really loves gets cheated, then he becomes exactly like this but still at that time also he is loyal towards his love.

And see this, he seems to like the most in the camera, after a really sweet love story, I like it. I really liked its collection. Especially if we talk about the advance oral film, especially friends, we should ignore the turning point that I told you, I think that the rest of the film is very good.

After the interval on the love story between them, I was shown a different story behind how Satyendra takes that revenge. After all, for all these things, you should watch this film, I think. I did you in this. Friends, if you have seen the film, then how did you like this film, definitely tell me in your committee.

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